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MT Regulated Cannabis Dispensary Guide

Type of program: Medical & Recreational

Montana Medical Marijuana Overview

Montana’s medical marijuana program is a state-regulated system whereby patients suffering from any of a list of qualifying debilitating medical conditions can legally purchase medical marijuana at a state-licensed dispensary.

House Bill 701 was passed by the 2021 Montana Legislature and signed into law by Governor Gianforte on 5/18/2021. The bill amends both the recreational marijuana initiative I-190 and the Montana Medical Marijuana Act. However, patients with a Montana medical marijuana card do not need to take any immediate action.

Under the new bill, Montana’s Medical Marijuana Program is now managed by the Department of Revenue rather than the Department of Public Health and Human Services.

Montana marijuana dispensaries

Currently, Montana has licensed more than 400 medical marijuana dispensaries. The vast majority of the dispensaries are located in counties where voters approved the program.

Available products

Montana dispensaries offer dried marijuana flower for smoking, vaping, and cooking, plus a wide range of cannabis-infused products such as oils, tinctures, capsules, edibles, topicals, concentrates, patches, and more.


Home delivery of medical marijuana is available to patients with a Montana medical marijuana card. Not all dispensaries offer delivery.

List of Montana dispensaries that offer home delivery.


Montana medical marijuana patients have a default purchase limit of 1oz per day and 5oz total per month of marijuana flower.

Non-flower purchases (such as edibles, topicals, or concentrates) also count towards the purchase limits. 800mg of cannabinoid-infused products, 8 grams of THC, or 8 mL of THC are equivalent to one ounce of flower.

Patients may purchase any combination of flower, edibles, or concentrates but the total must equal less than the daily and monthly available purchase limit.

Registered medical marijuana patients who wish to grow their own marijuana are now able to purchase marijuana and cannabis products from a licensed dispensary with the same purchase limits.

Age Limits

Patients younger than 18 with a qualifying medical condition may apply for a medical marijuana card via a parent or guardian. 

When a card is issued to a minor, the parent or legal guardian, the person designated by a parent or legal guardian, or an individual approved by the Bureau in the absence or unavailability of a parent or legal guardian, will then apply as a caregiver.

Marijuana Doctors

How to get a Montana medical marijuana card

In order to obtain a Montana medical marijuana card, patients must be diagnosed with one of several qualifying medical conditions (list below). In order to apply for a medical marijuana card, patients need to obtain a signed Physician Statement for a Debilitating Medical Condition. 

List of Montana medical marijuana doctors

Patients may apply online. An email notification will be sent upon receipt of the application. After review, an email indicating approval, return for correction, or denial will be sent. Further instructions will be included if applicable.

If a patient application is approved, the patient will have access to a temporary card. The patient must present a physical copy of the temporary card in order to purchase medical marijuana.

If a patient is unable to submit an application online or has questions regarding the application process, they should contact the Montana Medical Marijuana Program at (406) 444-0596.

Depending on the physician recommendation, Montana medical marijuana cards are valid for up to 1 year from the date of the physician recommendation.

Qualifying Conditions:

Qualifying medical conditions for a Montana medical marijuana card

In order to be approved for a Montana medical marijuana card, patients must be diagnosed with one of the following qualifying medical conditions:

Renewal and replacement

Submit Renewal applications 30 days before the expiration date to allow for processing. Renewal notifications will be emailed 30 days before registration expires.

Replacement cards are available for lost, stolen, or damaged cards by completing a “Report Lost Patient Card” application in Complia. Replacement cards cost $10.00.


The is a $30 non-refundable application fee to apply for a Montana medical marijuana card payable upon submission. 


Medical marijuana patients in Montana may designate a “caregiver” to purchase and administer their medicine. 


The use of telemedicine (phone or video conference) is allowed for all medical marijuana recommendations and renewals. 

Patient Privacy

National Hippa laws dictate that all medical marijuana patient’s info is private. However, all forms of cannabis are prohibited in the state of Montana, and no privacy laws have been established.

Montana Marijuana Laws

Marijuana-related DUI laws in Montana

Driving under the influence of marijuana in the state of Montana could result in the same harsh penalties as alcohol-related offenses.


Montana offers legal protection to out-of-state cardholders for possession and consumption of marijuana, however, they are not permitted to shop at Montana dispensaries. 

Montana marijuana and guns

Marijuana, medical or otherwise is still categorized as an illegal Schedule I Controlled Substance on a federal level. This law makes it illegal for anyone in the state of Montana to purchase guns or ammunition if they also consume any marijuana products.

Public consumption laws in Montana 

Public consumption of marijuana, medical or otherwise is strictly prohibited in the state of Montana.

Social consumption: 

Social consumption lounges are not permitted under Montana medical marijuana laws.

Home cultivation: Permitted

Montana medical marijuana patients are permitted to grow their own marijuana at home. All plants must be grown indoor grows, or in a greenhouse or hoop house. 

Individual residents are allowed to grow four mature plants at home with a maximum of 8 plants per household if there are multiple cardholders.

If a registered cardholder or legal guardian of a minor who plans on growing their own marijuana rents or leases the property on which it will be grown, then they must have written permission from the property owner.

Learn more about growing your own medical marijuana.

Montana hemp and CBD laws

The state of Montana allows the sale, possession, and consumption of all hemp-derived CBD products. These CBD products can be purchased online or at local shops in the state.

Buy CBD online

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