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Kansas Medical Marijuana Program Overview

In 1927, the state of Kansas officially banned the production and possession of cannabis. This ban was fueled by a tsunami of hysteria brought about by the campy propaganda film “Reefer Madness.” In 2021, medical marijuana advocates are still attempting to alter the long-held views of conservative groups who believe marijuana deserves the same categorization as heroin and LSD.

Between the years 2013 and 2015, there were minor attempts to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas. Legislators drew up a short, concise list of qualifying medical conditions and submitted the list to the Senate. Under the guidelines of the proposal, medical marijuana patients would have the legal authority to possess up to 6 ounces of cannabis and cultivate up to 12 plants. The proposal was summarily rejected.

Another bill was proposed in 2015 and was passed by the House, but rejected by the Senate. If the landmark bill had passed, it would have opened the door for medical studies on hemp, as well as significantly decreasing penalties for marijuana possession.

HB2244 passed in the house in May 2019 and moved into the Senate as SB 28. The passing of this bill effectively made low-THC CBD oil a legal treatment method for certain medical conditions. This bill came into effect on July 1, 2019.

According to SB 28, all qualifying patients must obtain a letter from their physician stating that they suffer from a debilitating condition in order to consume low-THC CBD oil. The document provides legal protection for qualifying patients, in addition to the parents of minors using CBD oil for medicinal purposes.

For everyone else in the state of Kansas, medical marijuana and medical marijuana products are still illegal, and possession of small amounts could lead to incarceration. 

CBD oil is legal for all Kansas residents but ONLY if there is zero THC content.

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The Kansas Committee on Federal and State Affairs recently passed House Bill 2184 that would legalize medical marijuana. The bill needs to be passed by the Senate before attaining the governor’s signature to sign it into law.

If the bill is passed, qualifying patients would need to register with the state health department and obtain a doctor’s certification to receive a medical marijuana card.

The bill would not limit the number of growers’ licenses in the state, and would effectively allow those businesses the right to grow, manufacture, and sell medical marijuana products. The bill would prohibit Kansans from growing at home.

The proposed bill would limit the types of available products, prohibiting vape pens and smokable marijuana flower. The state would only allow the sale, possession, and use of oils, edibles, and tinctures.

The Kansas Cannabis Coalition supports proposed amendments that would allow for flower and vaporized products.

At present, the bill allows only certified doctors to prescribe the medicine. The bill presents another hurdle for many potential patients: Recommending doctors may only prescribe cannabis to patients they have been treating for over one year, and only for a specific list of qualifying conditions. However, there are also provisions for the state to add more conditions to the list.

Recently, another legalization bill was introduced by the Senate Commerce but has not yet seen any action.

According to the language of the proposed measure,  patients displaying conditions that limit their day-to-day activities, or who would suffer mental or physical harm if declined treatment, would be eligible for a medical marijuana license with a physician’s recommendation.

In addition to the relaxed regulations for qualifying patients, registrants would have the right to grow and possess four ounces of marijuana. The bill would also establish a Kansas Medical Cannabis Agency to oversee the program.

Kansas medical marijuana dispensaries

The medical marijuana program in the state of Kansas is still pending, and no KS dispensary locations are operating at this time. CBD products with zero THC content are available at some shops in the state.

KS Marijuana Deliveries RX

There are no operational dispensaries or cannabis stores in the state of Kansas at this time, so medical marijuana delivery is not an option.

Available products

CBD products with zero THC content are legal. Oils, lotions, powders and pills may be purchased at shops throughout Kansas. 

Kansas residents can also buy CBD online.

Kansas marijuana Laws

Patient possession limits

At present, in the state of Kansas, possession of any amount of marijuana will result in severe penalties.

Home cultivation

The state of Kansas prohibits the cultivation of marijuana, even for medical use.

Workplace laws

Marijuana is prohibited in all places of employment, as it is still illegal in Kansas.


Medical marijuana is still illegal in the state of Kansas, therefore there are no reciprocity rules and regulations in place at this time.

Patient Privacy

Medical marijuana is still illegal in Kansas, however, once the program is legitimized, all patient’s medical information regarding use of cannabis will be private and protected by HIPPA.


There are no explicit protections from housing discrimination for patients under the Kansas law.

Kansas hemp and CBD laws

Only CBD products with zero THC content such as oils, powders, pills, and lotions can be purchased in the state of Kansas.

Ultimate CBD Guide for Beginners | NatD

Marijuana-related DUI laws in Kansas

Marijuana is prohibited both in the state of Kansas and federally. Any person found to be driving under the influence in Kansas will receive the same penalties as an alcohol-related offense.

Public consumption laws in Kansas

Consumption of marijuana is prohibited in public locations in the state of Kansas.

Social consumption

There are no social lounges for individuals seeking to consume marijuana in the state of Kansas.

Get certified for medical marijuana

How to get a Kansas medical marijuana card

Medical marijuana legislation is still pending in the state of Kansas. However, there are ways to pre-register for application. Potential qualifying patients can pre-register for a Kansas medical marijuana card here.

Kansas medical marijuana qualifying conditions


At this time, there is no medical marijuana program in the state of Kansas, therefore no telemedicine evaluations are available.

Age limits

The state of Kansas allows citizens of all ages to purchase and possess CBD products such as lotions, pills, powders, and oils, as long as it contains ZERO THC. CBD containing trace amounts of THC is prohibited, although in recent years the possession laws have been significantly relaxed.


The guidelines and laws surrounding medical marijuana in the state of Kansas are still pending. No fee system is available at this time.


At present, medical marijuana is prohibited in the state of Kansas. If new legislation is passed in 2021, it may allow qualifying patients to designate a caregiver to procure and administer and possibly cultivate medical marijuana. The new laws are being written and amended at this time.

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