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Discovering Sugar Wax: The Sweetest Cannabis Concentrate

  • Cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis buds can be extracted and refined to produce a product called sugar wax, sugar dabs, or cured sugar.
  • The color and consistency of sugar wax is similar to that of wet sugar.
  • Sugar wax has an extremely high terpene content making it a favorite of fans of cannabis concentrates.
  • Budder can be smoked, vaporized, and also used in cooking.

What is Sugar Wax (aka Sugar Dabs or Cured Sugar)?

Sugar wax is a relative newcomer in the world of cannabis concentrates. Both recreational users and medical marijuana patients love the potency and the medicinal terpene content that give it an extra kick.

Sugar wax can be made from marijuana or from non-intoxicating hemp flower. Products made from marijuana can only be purchased at your local marijuana dispensaries. However, products produced from hemp are legal for all. Anyone can buy sugar wax online without a medical marijuana card, as long as it’s made from hemp.

Sugar wax is different than shatter, wax, and crumble. This potent example of cannabis concentrates has a thick, grainy texture as well as a rich and complex flavor profile.

Sugar wax gets its name from its appearance, which resembles wet sugar with hues ranging from yellow to amber, brown, gold, and pink.

This easy-to-use product obtains its grainy consistency from the agitation process called nucleation implemented during the production phase. Sugar wax’s grainy texture is due to the extremely high terpene content.

During this phase of the process, the oils from the terpenes act as a recrystallization agent, initiating the separation of cannabinoids and terpenes. This process results in a concentrate with a moist, sugary consistency.

When the nucleation process is done correctly, the final product will retain most of the original terpene content (meaning extra-robust flavors) in addition to very high cannabinoid levels. In fact, Sugar wax is believed to be one of the purest marijuana concentrates, with total cannabinoid levels ranging from 60 to 90 percent.

In a 2011 study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, the role of medicinal benefits was discussed extensively. In an article titled, “Taming THC,” the research team concluded by stating that terpenes “display unique therapeutic effects that may contribute meaningfully to the entourage effects of cannabis-based medicinal extracts.”

This in-depth study reiterates what many medical professionals believe. Due to its extremely high cannabinoid and terpene levels, sugar wax may potentially be one of the most beneficial cannabis products for medical marijuana patients suffering from an array of debilitating symptoms.

sugar wax

How is sugar wax is made?

The initial phase in the making of sugar wax typically involves the use of extremely fresh or frozen cannabis buds. This freshness ensures a consistently high terpene content. (Terpenes evaporate easily and quickly if not preserved, causing the extract to lose some of its flavor and potency.)

Cannabis oil is extracted from the flower clusters using a form of butane or other solvents such as ethanol. It’s not a good idea to attempt this process at home, due to the volatility of most solvents. Leave this technique to the professionals with access to high-end extraction equipment.

The first step in the extraction process is to dissolve the cannabinoids and terpenes into the solvent. The plant matter is then removed leaving behind raw cannabis extract. The extract goes through a series of filtration processes to remove as much plant matter as possible.

The concentrated extract is then “whipped” or agitated. This step is what gives the substance a waxy texture. The next phase involves placing the wax in a vacuum oven. This heating process effectively precipitates the formation of THC and/or CBD crystals.

This process is similar to the method of sugar extraction from sugarcane, which is precisely why the substance was dubbed “sugar wax.”

The type of solvent and the cultivar (strain) of cannabis used will ultimately determine both the color, aroma, and potency of the finished product.

How do you use sugar wax?

  • Smoking sugar wax

Sugar wax can be smeared on a rolling paper and rolled with dried cannabis flower. It can also be placed atop a bowl and smoked in a pipe to add some extra kick.

Sugar wax isn’t as vicious as some other concentrates and won’t gum up your pipe. However, once it melts it becomes extremely sticky. It can stick to your fingers and cause a burn if you touch it. Also, it often continues to smoke after taking a hit.

  • Vaping sugar wax

Vape pens are made that can be used to smoke sugar wax and other concentrates. A temperature-controllable vape pen is best as it gives the user options when vaping different types of concentrates.

  • Making edibles with sugar wax

Sugar wax can be dissolved into any type of vegetable oil or butted and added to all sorts of recipes. Be sure to measure your dosage per serving carefully. Overdoing edibles can cause an unpleasant experience.

  • Dabbing sugar wax

Dab rigs are designed specifically for vaping concentrates. Dabbing is a bit more complicated than smoking.

Learn more about dabbing and dab rigs.

In conclusion, we just want to warn readers that sugar wax is an extremely potent cannabis concentrate that should be used sparingly at first until the user is familiar with the effects.

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