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Top 10 YouTube Channels With Videos About Growing Marijuana

Punch the search term “growing marijuana” into YouTube’s search bar and you’ll find a seemingly endless stream of videos. Some are high quality and super helpful, others are just average Joes and Janes sharing their personal growth experiences. You’ll also find several channels that focus exclusively on growing. Here are the marijuana-growing YouTube channels with the most subscribers and videos.

Bill is a legal ACMPR licensed medical cannabis grower who also runs a Patreon channel. Views can ask questions and get answers as well as suggest content.

GreenBox Grow teaches you how to grow top-shelf marijuana right in your backyard via step-by-step videos and guides. They also offer a Cannabis Growing Hotline which you can text or call with any questions.

It’s been 11 months since this channel posted a video, however, they have 20,000+ subscribers and an archive of 88 videos on growing marijuana. 

Teaches you everything you need to know to grow marijuana on a budget. The host also answers viewers’ questions and offers additional resources on his website.

Looks like they haven’t posted a video in seven months, but they have an archive of nearly 100 videos on growing marijuana in tents and small rooms. They cover craft growing, set up, genetics, feeding, drying, and curing.

This channel focuses on how to grow medical marijuana with weekly videos where viewers get to follow along with cannabis growth cycles.

Growing Exposed is a series of more than 100 videos that takes you inside the world of cannabis cultivation introducing you to some of the characters behind these gardens. Created by film producer Jeremy Deichen.

Nick makes videos about growing marijuana at home and gives tips and tricks on everything related to growing weed. He also runs a Discord where viewers can ask questions. 

Mike has 45 years of gardening experience and runs a marijuana-growing consulting business. He also runs the website “Mikesgrowroom101.com.” Mike posts regularly about equipment, lighting, growing mediums.

Mr. Canuck demonstrates indoor gardening practices and highlights grow equipment with weekly how-to videos on organic gardening. 

An educational channel dedicated to gardening indoors. Videos are created for educational and documentary purposes.

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