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Puerto Rico Regulated Cannabis Program Overview

Type of program: Medical

  • Puerto Rico dispensaries currently service almost a quarter of a million patients. 
  • There’s currently in the neighborhood of one dispensary for every 1,000 patients.
  • Prices on the island are very reasonable due to low labor costs.
  • Tourists carrying medical marijuana cards are permitted to shop at Puerto Rico dispensaries but aren’t allowed to buy flower.

About Puerto Rico Medical Marijuana

What’s going on, Puerto Rico? We thought we’d check in on your medical marijuana program launched back in 2017 and see how it’s going. 

Original projections estimated that there would eventually be 500,000 medical marijuana patients on the island. And cannabis entrepreneurs have been gearing up to meet that demand. However, six year’s into the program, Puerto Rico’s medical marijuana program serves just over 250,000 patients many of whom have qualified since the big hurricane Maria disaster. The number of medical marijuana doctors on the island is very low and has fallen dramatically over the past couple of years. 

To shop at Puerto Rico dispensaries, you need a medical marijuana card. And to get a medical card, patients have to be diagnosed with at least one of a long list of medical conditions. The list includes some relatively common conditions such as anxiety, autism, depression, digestive issues, migraines, and arthritis. It also covers many less common maladies such as MS, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. 

The steps for getting a Puerto Rico medial marijuana card are simple.

  • Step 1 — Make an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor.
  • Step 2 — Complete an online application.

That’s it! 

For more details, check out this guide to Puerto Rico’s medical marijuana program.  

All 250,000-plus patients are required to shop only at licensed Puerto Rico dispensaries in order to be legally protected from prosecution. Patients are not permitted to grow their own marijuana or to buy it “on the street” without risking serious penalties. And certainly do not bring marijuana into the country by plain or boat or you’ll risk being busted for smuggling. 

So, let’s talk about dispensaries in Puerto Rico…

medical marijuana dispensaries in Puerto Rico

Unfortunately, right now, medical marijuana cardholders can only choose one shop to deal with. Fortunately, however, there are more than 300 medical marijuana dispensaries in Puerto Rico, and more than 100 applications are still being processed. 

Two-thirds of cities and towns on the island have at least one dispensary with a large number of dispensaries located in San Juan. More than 100 applications for a dispensary license are still being processed. 

The process of opening a dispensary in Puerto Rico is complicated and expensive. A dispensary license costs $20,000 — per year! Plus there’s another $5,000 fee to get plugged intol the Puerto Rico Health Department’s tracking system.

medical marijuana dispensaries Menus in Puerto Rico

Available products

Pretty much all forms of marijuana, cannabis-infused products, and cannabis concentrates are available at Puerto Rico dispensaries. 

Although Puerto Rico dispensaries are allowed to sell marijuana flower, it’s actually against the law to smoke marijuana. Therefore dispensaries don’t sell pipes and papers. They do, however, sell vaporizers and vape pens. 

Edibles are also widely available in Puerto Rico. You can even find cannabis-infused hot sauce!

Puerto Rico dispensary prices are reasonable

Because there are so many dispensaries in Puerto Rico, the prices for medical marijuana products are relatively reasonable. Although prices vary widely across the island, prices are very competitive in areas like San Juan which hosts a lot of dispensaries. 

If you’re on a low budget you can buy a gram of marijuana or some single-dose edibles for under $10. Eighth ounces and concentrates generally start at $40 per eighth ounce. However, of course, you can get a better deal if you buy more. Ounces can be had for $140 and up. There’s also a sales tax of 11.5% on all products sold in Puerto Rico dispensaries. 

Check out these Puerto Rico dispensary websites to get a better idea of current prices. 

Before you sign up with a dispensary, check out their selection and prices. If you don’t like the selection at your local dispensary, a small percentage of dispensaries in Puerto Rico offer home delivery services — sign up with them instead. 

The most patients can buy is a 30-day supply as determined by the medical marijuana doctor that certified them. Also, there’s a maximum daily purchase limit of one ounce of dried flower and a monthly limit of 2.5 ounces. 

Get certified for medical marijuana

Puerto Rico tourist? No problem.

In Puerto Rico dispensaries are allowed to serve patients that are just visiting the island as long as they have a valid medical marijuana card from any state or country in the world. There is one caveat. Visitors are not allowed to buy flower. However, most dispensaries sell more concentrated products such as hash and kief. 

Will Puerto Rico legalize recreational marijuana?

As with all U.S. states and many countries around the world, there’s a battle going on between medical cannabis advocates and detractors. Unfortunately for Puerto Rico, the detractors seem to be winning the fight — for now. 

If by some chance the island does legalize adult recreational use (and smoking), there will be a huge boost to the island’s economy. However, legalization will also be a drain on the island’s medical marijuana program as many residents will opt not to get a medical marijuana card. Nonetheless, dispensaries in Puerto Rico eagerly await the day when anyone (21+) can walk into their stores and stock up on their favorite marijuana strains.

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