What is wax

What is Wax Concentrate?

Wax is a highly concentrated preparation of cannabis essential oil. 

Wax cannabis concentrate is rapidly gaining popularity for its unique flavor, potency, and versatility. Unlike some extracts featuring a honey-hued glassy texture, wax is opaque in color with a malleable, easy to manipulate consistency.

Wax doesn’t offer the highest cannabinoid potency when compared to a product such as shatter. However, it does have a respectable 60-80 percent THC content making it significantly stronger than a single joint, ultimately delivering powerful, long-lasting effects.

Wax is a variation on butane hash oil. Cannabinoids are extracted from the buds by packing them into tubes and flooding them with butane. This process separates the resin from the raw plant material. The next step is intense heating, followed by condensation, then vacuum purging. The resulting product is a viscous concentrate that quickly congeals and hardens into a waxy consistency.

The unusual clay-like consistency of wax is formed by a process called “whipping.” If a more aggressive type of whipping is utilized in the extraction process, it results in a product called “crumble,” whereas a shorter whipping period creates a buttery oil. This softer consistency makes wax easier to use than other concentrates. Wax also enables simple, precise dosing for first-time users.

wax concentrate

How To Use Wax

Wax is typically smoking with a specialized pipe called a dab rig. However, not everyone can get their hands on this item. Vaping is another popular method for consuming wax but it requires a specialized pen. Wax can also be added to dried flower and rolled into a joint or smoked in a bowl. Keep in mind, when wax is burned at higher temps, the resulting vapors can be harsher on the throat than vaping.

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