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In part one of this series on growing marijuana, we talk about ten questions that anyone who is considering growing marijuana at home should ask themselves before they sprout their first seeds. You can read that article here.

If you’ve made it this far and you’re still interested in growing marijuana then you’re going to need to get educated. That’s because growing marijuana is not as simple as growing something like tomatoes. Sure you can toss some seeds in a pot and grow some weed, but if you want high-quality, potent, aromatic, enjoyable marijuana then, trust us, you’ve got a lot to learn.

We’re going to point you in the direction of some FREE educational resources including marijuana growing websites and YouTube channels as well as some top forums on growing marijuana where you’ll find advice from thousands of growers around the globe. While some of these resources offer paid subscriptions and memberships, they all have lots of free educational content.

For those who really want to take cannabis cultivation to a whole new level, look for the next installment in which we’ll cover the best-selling marijuana growing books and videos of all time and some of the schools that offer degrees and certificates in cannabis cultivation. 

List of top marijuana growers’ forums Online

Grow Marijuana at Home

The superpower of Web 2.0 is the ability to connect people with like interests who wish to gather and share knowledge on any topic. Although there are free marijuana-growing groups on Facebook and other social media sites, the quality of the information can sometimes be iffy. On the other hand, forums usually offer a much higher quality of clientele. Some are even run by master growers. 

Here are a few of the top forums for growing marijuana independently:

Grass City

Grass City is actually an online head shop. However, they have an extremely popular forum under which you’ll find a section containing numerous marijuana-growing guides. Topics include advice for first-time marijuana growers, growing marijuana indoors and outdoors, micro grows, greenhouses, grow room design/setup, lighting, organic growing, hydroponics and aeroponics, and even advanced growing techniques such as breeding. And when your head starts spinning from all the information, give yourself some time to digest it all and visit the other sections on lifestyles, news and entertainment, and spirituality.

THC Farmer

THC Farmer’s extensive forum boasts more than 92,000 members and 100,000 threads (topics of discussion), plus over 2 million messages. You’ll find sections covering all aspects of marijuana growing. They also host an extensive section on strains and run a seed bank. In addition to the forum, you’ll also find videos, handy FAQs, and quite a bit of news and information about cannabis culture and policy, 

International Cannagraphic

International Cannagraphic is another cannabis culture website with an extensive marijuana-growing forum. It’s been around for 18 years. According to the website,  “some of the biggest names in the business have grown with the help and guidance from our members.” Also found on the site are special interest groups (that you can’t see unless you sign up) and a vendor directory.

THC Talk

If it has to do with marijuana, then THC talk has it covered. This expansive forum has thousands upon thousands of threads covering everything we’ve mentioned above plus handy sections on how to make hash and cannabis concentrates, cooking with marijuana, medicinal marijuana, entertainment, and much more.

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