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Panama Red


Panama Red is a landrace Sativa strain that was very popular back in the 1960s. Patients loved it for the sativa highness that is mostly uplifting and energizing, it was even branded the laughing gas of the 70’s because of the kind of euphoria it gives. Some patients report that this is the only strain that has ever given them giggles. It is a pity that many patients may never get to hear of Panama Red.

As the name suggest this strain traces its roots back to Panama. This strain has lost popularity with the years, it is speculated that growers in such of a quick buck dumped it in favor of strains that flower faster. Patients have also been exposed to newer breeds with higher THC amounts that may be favorable in some situations.

Panama Red has about 16% THC while newer strains boast of THC levels northwards of 25%.

Panama Red is a daytime strain; the kind of high it gives is not over powering. Many patients have used this strain to treat depression and mood disorders. It also has relaxing properties on the body, it is the kind of strain that will make you want to recline on the sofa but it will not induce sleep.

The cerebral hit is intense but can be handled by new patients as well. The psychedelic effects come on you pretty fast and in no time you will be drifting into bliss. THC has been compared to Anandamide, the bliss molecule that triggers feeling of happiness in the body. Actually, the two bind to the same cannabinoid receptor CB1, but THC persists for longer in the body to cause euphoria. This property of THC allows it to be effective in the treatment of pain and inflammation.

Some dispensaries still stock this oldie, if you can lay your hands on some do not hesitate from buying. You will love the mellow effects.

As for the scents and aromas of this strain, it is nothing far away from the marijuana typical. The smell is a mix of earthy with fruity undertones. This strain taste is that of herb and spices combined.

Panama Red plants grow very tall and have thick stems. The buds are conical with long red pistils. The leaves and stems have some red hues that turn brown during the flowering season.

Strain Type
Panama Red is a landrace sativa strain with 16% THC on the upper limit. The CBD level is unclear.

Panama Red is a sativa landrace strain that hails from the city of Panama.

Panama Red Sativa cannabis strain

Terpene Profile

Terpenes are the organic compounds produced by trichomes together with cannabinoids. You can identify terpenes by the smell present in each strain of cannabis. For example, the musky scent, also describes as skunky, is that of myrcene, the most prevalent terpene found in cannabis strains. Panama red has the following terpenes: myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene and borneol.


Myrcene adds to the therapeutic potential of this strain. It also has sedative, antiproliferative and anti oxidant properties. When free radicals are left to linger around the DNA of calls, they can trigger the formation of abnormal cells which eventually lead to the formation of tumors. Current research is looking into the use of cannabis in the suppression of tumors.


This is the only terpene that binds to cannabinoid receptors. It has spicy scents and is present in spices such as oregano, basil and rosemary. It has anti-anxiety properties. It has also shown potential in the treatment of symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.


This terpene smells of pine trees. It is a bronchodilator and may help in relieving symptoms of asthma. It also helps in increasing memory and retention capacity.


This is a rare terpene that smells of herbs and mint. It has mostly been used by the Chinese in acupuncture.

What Consumers are Saying:

Panama Red is a delightful strain that is adored by patients who have tried it. It has moderate levels of THC making it suitable for both novices and veterans. The cerebral effects will cause relaxation, happiness and increased focus. The strain is energizing making it ideal for an activity filled afternoon. Considering that it makes you chitty chatty you can consider it for social gatherings.

The Positives

  • Relaxation
  • Euphoria
  • Talkativeness
  • Increased focus

Potential Medical Benefits

Below are a list of conditions that Panama Red may be helpful in managing. We have selected these conditions based upon two sources: reviews from consumers who report using the strain to manage these symptoms, and/or substantial scientific evidence suggesting that its dominant terpenes may help manage the conditions listed below.

The Negatives

Some users reported dry mouth, dry eyes, and rarely headaches, anxiety, and dizziness.

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