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12 FREE Websites On Growing Marijuana

Marijuana Clones

Green Bud Guru

GreenBudGuru.com is a cannabis growers’ blog run by master grower James Alexander. In addition to educational info, the site includes strain guides, growing equipment reviews, and a directory of seed sellers.

Growers Network and Cannacribs

We’re combining Canna Cribs and Growers Network because they seem to be intimately connected. In addition to articles, podcasts, and more, Grower’s Network offers several zero-cost “courses” on growing marijuana including high-quality video lectures produced by Cannacribs. Student discounts can get discounts on growing gear and supplies. You’ll also find information on genetics and a seed shop.

Growing Weed

Growing Weed is actually the website of world-renowned cannabis cultivator Jorge Cervantes. The site has a members-only section that’ll cost money, but it also hosts free content such as a FAQ, a forum, and videos on growing marijuana. Jorge is the author of one of the top books on growing marijuana, “The Cannabis Encyclopedia.” (We’ll get into a list of best-selling books on growing marijuana in the next article.)

Grow Weed Easy

GrowWeedEasy.com has been helping people learn about growing marijuana for more than a decade. The site is run by growers Nebula Haze and Sirius Fourside who have a combined 21 years of growing experience. They claim to have reached more than 32 million visitors and helped thousands of growers through personalized coaching and consulting. The site hosts a comprehensive growing cannabis wiki full of tutorials, pictures, videos, hints, tips, secrets and plus a section where readers can upload photos of their weed babies. 

Grow Marijuana

Grow Marijuana is an easy-to-navigate website. In addition to an A to Z guide for growing marijuana, the site also offers marijuana strain reviews to help new growers decide which strains are ideal for their needs and desires. Colorful badges and icons make navigation a breeze. 

How to Grow Marijuana

How To Grow Marijuana offers a clean website that’s easy on the eyes which is great for people who are easily distracted by bells and whistles. It has sections on various hydroponic techniques, growing indoors and out, lighting options, and, according to the site, “Over 1,000 guides and seed reviews.”

Honest Marijuana

Honest Marijuana focuses on organic growing practices. Visitors can get a free downloadable PDF version of their guide to growing organic marijuana. The site also tries to focus on making the process affordable for everyone. 

High Times

High Times is the Godfather of marijuana news and information sources. The magazine has been around for as long as we can remember and the website is massive. High Times also hosts award ceremonies for outstanding growers and exhibitions in various regions around the country where enthusiasts can meet the pros and advance their craft. 

Grow Marijuana

I Love Growing Marijuana. The name of this website says it all. The site offers a free copy of Robert Bergman’s “Marijuana Grow Bible” and tons of other resources such as a reader forum. 


MarijuanaGrowing.com lets users enter specific questions and then hooks them up with the appropriate articles and videos on the topic. This site also has a reader forum where experienced growers answer readers’ questions.

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