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OK Marijuana Dispensary Guide

Oklahoma Marijuana Program Overview

Type of program: Medical Only

In 1933 Oklahoma fully embraced the growing prohibition of marijuana. The state remained firmly entrenched until 2015 when the Governor signed bill HB 2154 allowing the sale of hemp-derived CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC. 

Later that year, a petition to legalize medical marijuana in Oklahoma was being proposed for placement on the 2016 ballot. After several legal disputes, the vote for the initiative was pushed back until 2018 when Governor Mary Fallin established a June 2018 as the date for a referendum vote. State Question 788 was subsequently passed with a 57-43% approval. With the passing of this bill, Oklahoma became the 30th state to legalize medical marijuana.

On July 26th, 2018 SQ788 went into effect. One month later the state-mandated acceptance applications for an Oklahoma medical marijuana card. In November of 2018, Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries began selling THC-infused products, and patients were given the green light to grow marijuana at home in Oklahoma for medicinal use.

At present, 370,000 medical marijuana patients have been registered with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, in addition to more than 10,000 dispensary and business licenses being granted.

At present, due to the relaxed medical marijuana laws 10% of the population now has access to legal medical marijuana in Oklahoma. A certified medical marijuana doctor may recommend cannabis for any medical condition they deem serious enough. Since medical marijuana was legalized in Oklahoma, the state has raked in more than $71 million in sales tax revenue.

Marijuana dispensaries in Oklahoma 

Since the first legal Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries opened in 2018, more than 2,200 facilities are now in operation. Surprisingly, Oklahoma has more dispensaries than any other state in the U.S. (California only has 600 licensed dispensaries.) In part, the proliferation of dispensaries is due to the fact that a dispensary license in Oklahoma is only $2,500.  In California, the price can sometimes be as prohibitively high as $240,000. Also, there’s no cap in Oklahoma on how many licenses can be issued. 

List of top rated Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries.

Marijuana products available in Oklahoma

The following products are available in Oklahoma dispensaries:

  • Marijuana flower
  • Concentrates and oils
  • Edibles
  • Tinctures
  • Capsules 
  • Topicals – rubs and lotions

Oklahoma medical marijuana purchase and possession limits

Only registered Oklahoma medical marijuana card holders and their caregivers may purchase and possess any form of cannabis. Non-registered individuals caught in possession may receive a fine. Registered cardholders may possess up to:

  • 3 ounces (85 grams) of usable cannabis on them and 8 ounces (227 grams) at home
  • 1 ounce (28 grams) of cannabis concentrates
  • 72 ounces (2 kilograms) of edible products

Full Oklahoma Dispensary List

Pending Changes to Oklahoma marijuana laws

Recreational pot is still technically illegal in Oklahoma. However the legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma has afforded the state an ample economic boost  and opened the door to a possible, long-overdue recreational adult-use marijuana program, 

“Really taking a look at the tax numbers over that time, climbed really steadily, and reached a peak of $5.5 million in that excise tax collection in June of 2020,” says Dr. Kelly Williams, the interim Director at the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. “Just a year before, in June of 2019, we only had $2.1 million in excise tax collection.”

State Representative Scott Fetgatter (R-Okmulgee) thinks legalizing recreational marijuana in Oklahoma could help offset budget deficites created by the pandemic. “The sales tax revenue that has come into these smaller communities especially, or the larger cities even, has helped sustain those budget issues that they would have faced otherwise,” he said.

“Legislators over 100 years ago when alcohol was illegal, they were having the same conversations about alcohol that we’re having about marijuana today. I filed a bill this year that would be an adult-use program. If my bill is successful, what we’ll do is put a state question on the ballot and let the citizens in Oklahoma decide if this is the program they want us to proceed with.”

Within the framework of the next two years, if Rep Fetgatter’s plan is implemented, then an Oklahoma recreational marijuana program for adults 21-and-over may be implemented. There would automatically be a 15% tax applied to sales, and those monies would be funneled into the general revenue fund.

Home cultivation in Oklahoma 

Oklahoma allows only medical marijuana patients and their caregivers to cultivate cannabis for medicinal use. Each patient may grow up to six mature plants as well as six seedlings, and they must not be visible from the street.

Learn more about growing medical marijuana in Oklahoma.

Transporting cannabis in Oklahoma

Oklahoma residents with a medical marijuana card are allowed to drive with the marijuana in their car (closed and out of reach from the driver) if they do not cross state lines.

Public consumption laws in Oklahoma

The consumption of marijuana in Oklahoma is legal in the home only. The use of marijuana is illegal in all public places in the state.

Social consumption in Oklahoma

There have been some patios and lounges popping up in Oklahoma strictly for medical marijuana patients. Today, licensed patients can smoke or vape cannabis in locations regulated by Oklahoma’s “Smoking in Public Places and Indoor Workplaces Act,” according to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority rules.

Marijuana-related DUI laws in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, anyone operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of a Schedule I controlled substance may be jailed for a minimum of 10 days or up to a year. A second offense will result in even stiffer penalties.

In some cases, vehicles may be seized if they were involved in charges related to marijuana. Drivers convicted of impaired driving may have their licenses suspended for upwards of three years.

Oklahoma medical marijuana and guns

Federal law precludes any marijuana user from owning a gun. However, the applications for medical marijuana in Oklahoma doesn’t ask about gun ownership, and the OSBI cannot access OMMA patient information.

Technically, gun purchase and ownership are illegal across the nation if an individual uses any Schedule I Controlled Substance such as marijuana, even if it’s for medicinal purposes. However, Jon Echols, representative and co-chair of a group of legislators for medical marijuana, recently stated: “The way we’re gonna handle it in Oklahoma is the same way 29 to 30 other states that have medical marijuana handled it, which is essentially ‘We’re going to ignore the feds.'” 

Learn more about medical marijuana, guns and CWP’s.

HB 2612 passed in 2019 protects licensed patients’ rights to own firearms despite federal law barring what it deems as “illegal drug users” from lawfully possessing guns.

Oklahoma hemp and CBD laws

The state of Oklahoma allows possession and use of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products, following the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, legalizing industrial hemp nationwide.

Learn more about Oklahoma hemp and CBD laws.

Get certified for medical marijuana

How to get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma

In the state of Oklahoma, a medical marijuana card application can be accessed and paid for at an online system at

The applicant must have an Oklahoma medical marijuana doctor complete and sign the Adult Patient Physician Recommendation Form. It must be dated within 30 days of the date of application.

If the applicant meets all requirements, an approval letter and Oklahoma medical marijuana card will be mailed within 14 business days of the application submission date. 

The standard application fee is $100. Individuals who provide acceptable proof of Medicaid (SoonerCare) or Medicare enrollment or status as a 100% disabled veteran will pay a reduced fee of $20.


A medical marijuana caregiver in Oklahoma must be a family member or an employee or trusted friend who regularly assists the patient. The patient may have up to two designated caregivers.

The patient’s application must include the recommending physician’s certification that the patient needs a caregiver.

A Caregiver Designation Form must be submitted by all caregivers in service to adult patients and must be signed by the patient.

Renew an Oklahoma medical marijuana card

Renewals will be processed no earlier than 30 days prior to the expiration date listed on your card. For instructions and more information about Patient Renewals, watch this video.

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MedCard Patient Registration

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For potential medical marijuana patients we make it easy to connect with a recommending doctor near you, or online. You will also receive updates & news relative to medical marijuana in general.

If you are interested please fill out the MMJ patient registration form to get started. Legal Residents Only Please

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Oklahoma medical marijuana qualifying conditions:


Telemedicine via secure video conference is allowed in the state of Oklahoma for medical marijuana approvals as defined in Title 59, Section 478 of the Oklahoma Statutes. OK Telemedicine may not be provided by email, IM, phone, website form or a non-secure video call.

Video: How to get a medical card in Oklahoma using telemedicine.

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