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Purple Haze


Purple Haze is a sativa dominant (60/40) cannabis hybrid that is splendidly decorated with lavender hues. The breeders of this exotic strain are however not known. Being a later generation hybrid, it is difficult to trace the complete lineage of this strain; however, it is apparent that Purple Haze is the result of crossing Purple Thai with a Colombian Haze plant. Both parents are sativa dominant hybrid strains. Like other sativa dominant strains, the Purple Haze plant is tall with leaves that grow in spirals. The leaves are coated with trichromes that give off a sweet and sticky resin. The leaves are a mix of light green with strips of lavender standing out. Because of its aesthetic features, this strain is widely popular and attracts a better price than most other strains.

This strain has moderate THC amounts, ranging in the lower teens. This makes it favorable for beginners trying recreational cannabis for the first time. The high associated with this strain is the energizing kind that spurs creativity and artistic ingenuity, perhaps the kind that would appeal to creative melancholies.

Purple Haze gives a slight body high, just enough to ease you into a slow afternoon where you are still able to work slowly. It is excellent at reducing stress and anxiety, but it causes the munchies too.

As for scent and flavor, do not expect this strain to be smelling of grapes as the name may lead you to believe. The component that causes coloration in the cannabis plant is different from that which causes scent. Purple Haze has a mix of earthy and sweet scents with a tinge of berry scent.

Being a sativa, this strain takes between four and five months to flower, this sure calls for patience.

When smoked, this strain gives off a musky scent with sweet undertones after exhalation. The hit quickly ascends to the head and can be felt against the temples within the first few seconds. Soon after, euphoria begins to kick in and the user may get intrigued by things that would naturally not draw them in. This is what perhaps spurs creativity and ingenuity. The cerebral high may also loosen inhibitions so that the user is able to start conversations with strangers and engage with others at a deeper level. The body high caused by this strain is moderate, making this strain ideal for a chilled out afternoon. When taken in excess, this strain may however cause a dry mouth and in some extreme cases paranoia.

Strain Type

This is a sativa dominant hybrid with 60% sativa and 40% Indica. It has about 14% THC and 1-2% CBD. Hybrids are created to combine the positive genetic traits of indicas and sativas hoping to achieve a more superior strain.


The breeders of Purple Haze are unknown. However it has been established that this strain is a cross between Purple Thai and Colombian Haze, both of which are sativa dominant hybrids. It is also believed that this strain could have been named after the popular 1967 hit song “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix.

Purple Haze Sativa Dominant Hybrid cannabis strain

Terpene Profile

This strain contains a mix of terpenes that contribute to its smell and enhanced entourage effects. Predominantly it contains limonene, linalool, myrcene and pinene.


Limonene has been shown to have anti cancer effects in lab settings.


Pinene is an effective bronchodilator.


Linalool, the lavender smelling terpene, reduces anxiety and promotes sleep.


Myrcene has been shown to be effective against pain.

What Consumers are Saying:

Patients who consume the Purple Haze strain of medicinal marijuana have reported both negative and positive effects when using the product. Some common and some rare.

The Positives

  • Euphoric
  • Uplifted
  • Creative
  • Relaxed
  • Talkative

Potential Medical Benefits

Below are a list of conditions that Purple Haze may be helpful in managing. We have selected these conditions based upon two sources: reviews from consumers who report using the strain to manage these symptoms, and/or substantial scientific evidence suggesting that its dominant terpenes may help manage the conditions listed below.

The Negatives

Some users reported dry mouth, dry eyes, and anxiety. Some users rarely reported paranoia and dizziness.

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