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Blue Dream

Blue Dream – If your eyes start glazing over whenever you’re faced with a wall of text, I got you. Here’s a breakdown of everything I’m getting ready to on and on about: 

Lineage: Blueberry X Haze by an Unknown Breeder

Classification: Sativa-dominant hybrid 

Potency: 15-20% THC 

Top Terps: Myrcene, Pinene, b-Caryophyllene

Scent/flavor: Earthy, sweet, berry 

Effects: Uplifted, mellow, energetic 

Uses: Depression, anxiety, minor aches and pains 

Side effects: Cottonmouth, dry eyes, anxiety 

Overall rating: 5/5, if you can find the real thing. 

Blue Dream is everywhere, man. It’s one of those classic strains that a lot of people skip at the dispensary in favor of strains with names like Titty Sprinkles or Purple Monkey Balls that check in at double the average potency. And at risk of sounding like every other person on the internet writing strain reviews, Blue Dream deserves attention. So I set out to get my hands on some.

Let me tell you; it wasn’t as easy as you’d think. Blue Dream is one of the most counterfeit strains out there. Back in the golden days, when legalization was just beginning to spread, it didn’t matter where weed was sourced. You could get it from some dude growing dope in his basement and sell it as medicine in your dispensary. There’s a huge chance the guy himself didn’t even know what it was and would give it a familiar name like Blue Dream— or, y’know, Girl Scout Cookies, AK-47, and so on, so forth.

A strain has to have a name, and Blue Dream always sells, friends. As such an old strain, Blue Dream has been crossbred and inbred a hundred different ways and back, so the Blue Dream your grandpa smoked and loved is probably gone forever. These days, it could be anything, and there’s evidence out there to support it.

Anyway, let’s get to it. Of the five versions I found online and sampled this weekend, only one seemed to be the real deal. I’ll be reviewing that version below, so you can get a feel for what the real thing looks like when you’re on the hunt for it in the future.

The Essentials

Blue Dream is a senior citizen on a dispensary menu. It came out of California from an unknown breeder back in the 90s as a cross between Blueberry, an OG Indica, and Haze, an OG Sativa. The result is a pretty balanced hybrid, though I find it to be a little more sativa-leaning. More or less, the high sticks around in my head more than my body, but the body definitely gets a good mellow relaxation to it. I chalk this up to the terps more than the genetics. Classic Blue Dream’s dominant terps are Myrcene and b-Caryophyllene, which are on the mellow side, but it also contains lots of Pinene, which tends to be focusing and energizing.

The lab test found this version to be around 17% THC, which is on par with the average of 15-20%. Many people knock strains in the teens, but even with relatively low levels of THC, these classic strains still kick my ass. That’s because there’s an entourage effect between cannabinoids and terps, and your high comes from a lot more than just THC alone. I’ve had some really wimpy 30%+ strains (looking at you, Runtz) in my day, and somehow Blue Dream always hits between the terp and minor cannabinoid content.

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The reason anything can be called Blue Dream is because everything looks like Blue Dream. Picture a generic cannabis nug in your head. There you go— you’ve imagined Blue Dream. My Blue Dream buds are round and medium-dense. They’re a rich shade of green with lighter golden greens throughout and feature sandy brown to muted orange pistils. Each nug is covered in a very light dusting of trichomes.


True Blue Dream takes after its Blueberry parent and puts out some dank earthy tones along with its prominent sweet berry aroma. The bag I got was as loud as can be, but those scents really shined when I ground the flowers up. The sticky flowers left behind an herbal musk alongside a candy-like berry sweetness.


I was surprised by how intense the berry terps were in this bag. I’ve had a lot of Blue Dream in my day, but this version was very berry-forward. However, the aftertaste is always pretty herbal. It was very piney and refreshing and as close to true Blue Dream as my dad remembers. 

You should’ve seen him. We sampled all five versions together, and he practically exploded when he tasted this one at number three. According to the old man, the first and last two versions didn’t even come close.


If I’m introducing someone new to weed, this is the strain I always track down and deliver because its effects are perfect for first-timers and veterans alike. It always starts with a fantastic mental lift that leaves me (and everyone else) feeling super upbeat and positive, if not a little giggly. From there, it gently creeps into the body, soothing and relaxing sore muscles without leaving you in I-smoked-too-much-weed couch jail. As the high mellows out, I find myself feeling focused and chatty, which is great when I’m out and about with others or trying to get some housework done on my own.

A lot of people use it for minor aches and pains, headaches, or stress and depression. I personally use it for social anxiety since it turns me into a chatterbox and gives me a break from feeling weird about it. It’s also a good call when you’re nauseous or struggling to find an appetite because, I promise you, chips aren’t safe around me after three hits.

Where to find it

I picked all five bags up from local dispensaries, and as I’ve mentioned, you can find Blue Dream pretty much everywhere in flower or concentrate form. If you’re looking for the real deal, focus on what the buds look and smell like in the jar, and keep an eye on those potencies. It’s rare to see true Blue Dream hit more than 20% THC.

The Recap

And there ya have it, folks. Blue Dream is an excellent strain, which is probably why you can find it at pretty much every dispensary and see it reviewed on literally every cannabis website online. If you can track down the real deal, you’re in for an upbeat, mellow, and focused ride that will keep you feeling zenned out wherever the day may take you.

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