Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center

2 Corporate Drive
Cranbury, NJ 08512

Hours of Operation

Mon – Thurs 10:30am – 6:30pm
Fri 10:30am – 8:30pm
Sat 10:30am – 5:30pm

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Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center in Cranbury, NJ is a medical marijuana dispensary open to service NJ Medcard Patients.

Deena Brown
Deena B.
13:59 29 Apr 20
The staff are great & explain what works best for you. The flowers are the best & great quality. Wouldn’t go anywhere more
Carol Ashworth
Carol A.
19:06 24 Apr 20
I think that they are a well functioning place and are very knowledgeable about every product in the building.Helps you get the perfect buds for whatever your problems are. They get you in and out quickly. Just make sure you go to your bank First and make a withdrawal quite a few hundred dollars. Because its cash and carry.I RECOMMEND BREAKWATER TREATMENT CENTER HIGHLYread more
Britta Milner
Britta M.
15:34 17 Mar 20
This dispensary offers the highest quality medical marijuana in NJ, it is however more expensive than other dispensaries. But definitely worth a visit if you’re enrolled in the NJMMP. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, they products are more
Doreen Mitchell
Doreen M.
21:08 11 Mar 20
Make an appointment for your first visit, Even if you have been to another first appointment at another cannabis shop prior. That doesn’t make a difference – new store new person who will take care to shower you with help & ideas to help you out with treating yourself with proper way to mix your leaves to give u maximum amount of treatment for your INDIVIDUAL NEEDS … NOT WHAT HELPS MOST PEOPLE … WHAT’S YOUR OWN PERSONAL NEED . WHAT “COMBINATION” MAY HAPPEN TO HELP YOU THE BEST- YES, what is best for U. Remember our bodies have receptors for each of elements our bodies is missing for many years… The missing information on why some periods of time have peaks then others who are not magnetic receptors – Pricing ? Varies depending on the product. – No money 10% off for 50 miles of travel because that is where they are placed . + Save 10% @ exit 38 , Northfield store 10% if you needed to travel over 50miles from address on your licence. *Please these are my opinions on this , if I need to fix. * Please leave a comment on. *Thank u for your assistance. *Be Blessed *read more
daniel mcintire
daniel M.
19:31 05 Feb 20
The quality of the cannabis is absolutely superb. Beautiful, fully developed trichromes and perfectly cured for an amazing smoking experience. You MUST have an appointment for a consultation before your first time but, after the first time it’s a breeze- you’ll spend about 20 minutes there and be on your way home. The customer service is usually great although I’ve had one or two somewhat difficult experiences. Overall 4/5 would def go again. I’m on my way as I type this more
Appe Hangers
Appe H.
22:28 04 Feb 20
First time visit. Every one was pleasant very informative answered all my questions, had more of a selection of strains than others. Highly recommendread more
Will Malpartida
Will M.
22:11 01 Feb 20
Professional and courteous. Also knowledgeable and informative. You will get answers here to a lot of questions. Also they have a good listing of more
otelia travers
otelia T.
21:32 30 Jan 20
Excellent customer service. Answered all of my questions and was very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend.
00:31 03 Jan 20
Went here today for first time. My pain management doctor refuted me and helped with paperwork. Well, my experience was not at all what expected. It was quite pleasant. The whole staff made me feel very comfortable and friendly. Sonny explained in a one on one session what it was all about. The benefits and the many uses. I was not rushed or made to feel uncomfortable at any point. Any of the staff can answer your questions. I suffer from MS and had 4 surgeries in the past year so a lot of nerve damage and pain. This is my god send. I believe they are the best and most knowledgeable in this field. Much different than just smoking a joint. Plenty of parking. Very convenient more
Owen Pomykacz
Owen P.
15:08 31 Dec 19
Prices are absolutely out of control. This is a business taking advantage of people who need medicine. Bud is great quality. Edibles are fair quality. Concentrates are bad quality. It is easy enough to get a walk in appointment between 3-5 on Wednesdays and more
Karen Dorn
Karen D.
11:51 07 Dec 19
Good selection and budtenders are very helpful and will answer all and any questions. Atmosphere is comfortable and clean. Always make sure you have your card, don’t leave home without more
John Jewell
John J.
05:34 01 Dec 19
Breakwater treatment has a good variety excellent marijuana. The Kush VIII is the first and only indica that ever put me to sleep. The staff is great and some of them recognized me from previous visits which is awesome. The atmosphere is Pleasant, the facilities are kept up well, and the staff always has a more
John Jewell
John J.
15:34 27 Nov 19
Breakwater treatment has a good variety excellent marijuana. The Kush VIII is the first and only indica that ever put me to sleep. The staff is great and some of them recognized me from previous visits which is awesome. The atmosphere is Pleasant, the facilities are kept up well oh, and the staff always has a more
19:53 15 Nov 19
I am so ridiculously happy that this location is close to me! As a medical marijuana user, I already know I will be spending a lot of money on my medication. At this location, I feel more confident about my purchases than anywhere else! The staff are courteous and take time to listen to my medical issues, in order to direct me to the best strain for me. The stock changes, and it gives you opportunity to try various strains to see what works best for you. The prices here are also better than prices at other dispensaries I have visited. I also prefer their cannabis quality over other dispensaries I have visited. With this dispensary local to me, I have no need to illegally purchase cannabis on the street! I am able to medicate my disorders legally and be cared for by people who understand. I will continue to frequent this location until such a point that they no longer exist, or I move away and live in an entirely different state!read more
Angela Reid
Angela R.
15:27 06 Nov 19
Very nice & relaxed place. Staff were very friendly & knowledgeable about the strains they offer & didn’t make me feel rushed or anything. This is 1 of my favorite dispensaries so far & I’ve been to 3. I’m hoping they open 1 closer to me more
Deborah Eddy
Deborah E.
12:38 06 Nov 19
Very good facility! They have a nice selection of medicinal products and knowledgeable staff to assist you. They also have a nice selection of paraphernalia to help you use your more
Ed Evans
Ed E.
21:30 02 Nov 19
Great place, people r knowledgeable about their products, n friendly. Actually everybody there was friendly, going in coming out. Just a nice more
Weed Child
Weed C.
15:50 30 Oct 19
Wow looked incredible prices through the roof . How can a person who is disabled afford it. Staff nice very knowledgeable even they roll there eyes at the prices Governor. Murphy help please with more
Michael Ebeid
Michael E.
19:45 18 Oct 19
I walked in at 12 40 pm and I was refused service because I didn’t have an appointment. Which was understandable. So I start driving and my wife went on the site and saw that there was ond at 1 so she booked it for me. I walked back in and asked the girl why couldn’t she tell me an appointment was available. She looked back at me blankly. I made an appointment for 1 and she looked at the time (1:06pm) said you’re late I cannot take you in. I let her know I will not be bac . I refuse to drive 45 minutes for medicine to be treated this more
ya herd?
ya H.
04:21 11 Oct 19
excellent service. staff is friendly and knowledgeable. i felt like charlie bucket.
17:09 10 Oct 19
The weed is loud af!!! Kush IV and all I did was bring it up to my room and you could already smell it in the hallway. My new favorite strain! Prepare for the munchies!!! 🙂read more
Lawrence Lakshin
Lawrence L.
21:09 08 Oct 19
First time there and even though it took me an hour to get there it was worth the trip! The dispensary calm and plesant feel to it and the staff were real nice and informative. Cant wait to make my next trip down there!read more
BlackDeath Vader
BlackDeath V.
18:56 02 Oct 19
Pretty much never out of stock of anything. Typically very quick. ALWAYS friendly. If I were forced to say anything bad, it would be that they don’t have any pre rolled options. They still get 5 stars from me!read more
Evgueni StOnge
Evgueni S.
20:22 01 Oct 19
Breakwater was definitely a very cool dispensary, didnt have to wait for too long and was very helpful with how handle the mj. Selection was pretty decent. Prices were not the best. But with the first 10% discount. That was cool. Thanks Breakwater!!read more
Carol Lockett
Carol L.
21:34 13 Sep 19
Very nice people there to help and guide you for best strains to get for your situation.
Daryn Bogart
Daryn B.
14:41 25 Aug 19
Used to be the best in the state. Just need to get shake and lower buds back in stock. Haven’t had shake in almost a more
Justin Ricardo
Justin R.
12:48 15 Aug 19
The best medical dispensary in New Jersey where the employees seem like they actually have a passion for great service and great attitude, products are professionally marketed, labeled, and the storage hard are even nicer than any other place. Quality is on point, everytime. I know each time exactly what to expect which I love about breakwater and their products!read more
Melinda Sciarrotta
Melinda S.
18:06 29 Jul 19
I love Breakwater. The facility is clean and organized, and the staff is helpful and informative. As an added bonus, I get a great “whiff” as I walk in the door and also as I walk out the door! P. S. I need my Kush IV vape oil…please get it asap!read more
Jessica D Meyer
Jessica D M.
17:37 29 Jul 19
The staff are always lovely and informative. Some of the strains do run out which can be difficult if only one strain works for a patient. But they do try to find information about when the Harvest will be ready again. It is a lovely, clean and kind facility. I enjoy it more than more
Gabriel Pires
Gabriel P.
10:47 18 Jul 19
Best products in the state.. I have been to every dispensary the garden State offers and this is hands down the best of the best.. great job breakwater!!read more
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