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2001 Washington Street
Hanover, MA 02339

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Mon-Sat: 9am – 7pm
Sun: 10am – 2pm

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Curaleaf Dispensary in Hanover, MA is a medical marijuana dispensary open to service MA Medcard Patients.

Tim Graham
Tim G.
15:17 26 May 20
This place is great, good prices and friendly staff.
Chris Miller
Chris M.
17:51 22 May 20
Love this place
Janice Wilson
Janice W.
15:46 21 May 20
I was in line 45 minutes, when a security guard asked if anyone did an online order. I said yes, he said get in your... car and he directed me to spot to park for online pick ups. After an hour of waiting, he told me to move to another spot and did I receive a text it was ready. I did not, how would I know about receiving a text uhm it should have been on the website he said I did not see anything on the website about that. I said two people behind me have come and gone when I was in the line, can I cancel the online order and get back in line. No, you can’t. Forty/five minutes in line over an hour in the car and still waiting. No, thanks, I Get it Covid- 19, but seriously, maybe they’ve been sampling products. I’ll take my business more
Scott Lindsey
Scott L.
02:51 05 May 20
Had another pleasant experience here today. Everyone is very nice & very knowledgeable! Prices are the best in the area... & the quality of everything I've purchased here has been superior! Is there any way to see the daily medical deals online, prior to arrival? That would only enhance the overall experience even more! Thanks & BE SAFE EVERYONE!!read more
Alan MacDonald
Alan M.
16:35 21 Apr 20
Nice place was here on 4 20 and they gave a cool little swag bag,With a bowl and lighter snacks etc..thanks and be back... soon!!read more
Cory M.
Cory M.
23:19 15 Feb 20
5 star for the bud tenders and front office staff, the security guard was helpful as well. The product is good, the... buds are a little small but uniform in size. They had a decent selection of edibles and vape carts, next time I will grab some concentrates to see how they are. I will say they have nice containers and they are air sealed along with having an antidessicant pack in with the more
Adam ElAmine
Adam E.
15:33 11 Feb 20
The only dispensary in the area and it shows. Curaleaf menu only offers generic flower with very low total available... cannabinoids. This is indicative of large scale corporate operations.This is a place for the uninformed to go to remain ignorant. Go north or west to find way better products at the same price if not cheaper. Unfortunately in these one dispensary towns this is what happens with no immediate competition. Steer more
christopher bufford
christopher B.
12:27 30 Jan 20
Rated a 2 but they've been improving more and more got a good selection of cartridges only wish there pricess were... lower a little in the expensive side for prerolls and limited selection of bud hopefully something that changes for the better then I would strictly do business with themread more
lindsey la cara
lindsey la C.
03:59 15 Jan 20
I love the staff and the products here! They are very reasonably priced on flower as well. I will say, their online... ordering is not always working as toted, and as a consumer who doesn’t always have an extra 20 mins to hang around, I order ahead to save time not have it wasted. I find this unacceptable. If they could get the online ordering down I’d give them 5 more
lindsey la cara
lindsey la C.
20:58 03 Jan 20
I love the staff and the products here! They are very reasonably priced on flower as well. I will say, their online... ordering is not always working as toted, and as a consumer who doesn’t always have an extra 20 mins to hang around. I order ahead to save time not have it wasted. I find this unacceptable. If they could get the online ordering down I’d give them 5 more
Chine McNair
Chine M.
21:19 15 Dec 19
My favorite spot hands down thus far. Prices are always good, they have the best deals, best coupons, best text... discount rates and all products are great and the staff is wonderful. The security guards are usually fun and friendly as well. Interior is relaxing and comfortable very homey and just welcoming. I tend to go here more than anywhere else. This is my #1read more
Evan O'Meara
Evan O.
18:36 07 Dec 19
Great dispensary. Good deals and tons of products
Connor Goetz
Connor G.
15:04 03 Dec 19
The staff is phenomenal and the bud is always of the highest quality! I would recommend this dispensary to anyone... especially in the south shore MA area. They are only medical but for those with cards they have plenty of discounts and their are always opportunities on the daily to save money and keep coming back with your budget still intact. I’ve been here almost 100 times and have not had one bad experience. Awesome dispensary and a leader in the industry. 5 stars and beyondread more
Courtney Kruer
Courtney K.
17:37 01 Dec 19
Always friendly. Best selection of edibles that come in sativa, hybrid or indica whereas most places just give you... generic edibles or cannot tell you the strain in more
todd mcmillan
todd M.
21:04 26 Nov 19
Love the staff, product and pricing. See their stuff sold elsewhere for 50% more. Great selection of CO 2 oils. Really... the only dispensary I go to these more
jaybo73 .
jaybo73 .
23:50 13 Nov 19
My wife placed an order for me this afternoon.She ordered 9d4 testing at %20.But when she went to pick it up they... sold her a much lower %17 9d4.I think they try to get rid of their lower strength flower by switching it up like this. Not cool at all.I’ve been calling them for over an hour and they just don’t answer.Horrible customer more
Tom Sullivan
Tom S.
09:54 21 Oct 19
awesome staff, very polite and helpful. good product and a comfortable atmosphere.
That Crazy Guy
That Crazy G.
16:40 16 Oct 19
Nice People, consistent good products would recommend to anyone.
Tabatha McFarland
Tabatha M.
15:01 15 Oct 19
Please get MilkBone back it's the best, no where carries it, no where expect Curaleaf!
Eric Langenthal
Eric L.
21:55 12 Oct 19
Would have easily received five stars based on 99% of staff courtesy and helpfulness. Today, however, at the desk was a... rude, disrespectful young man. Had this been my first visit I would never come back. Order was placed online which is supposed to expedite the wait. I informed the young man it was an online order and he snapped at me. Then when two people who checked in after me were taken first I asked the young man why I hadn’t been helped and he was incredibly rude and nasty in his response that he’d let them know. The woman who called me in was very apologetic. Treating people with courtesy and respect is an expectation. If not, there are many alternative dispensaries offering excellent deals who also treat customers with courtesy and more
Lisa Quinn
Lisa Q.
20:18 08 Oct 19
Very calm and professional establishment. Never a long wait. Knowledgeable and friendly staff.
Sandy Adamopoulos
Sandy A.
19:31 18 Aug 19
They where very polite. I am my husband caretaker, so I was very nervous walking in the first time. But the minute I... walked in it was so easy. Everyone was so polite. Thank youread more
Lisa Biasiucci
Lisa B.
16:45 01 Feb 18
Like the strains but not very comfortable place i do not like there set up when you go in. Kinda strange they way they... handle there security more
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