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Cannatonic is an even blend of sativa and indica with a 50% Sativa and 50% indica ratio. It’s an effective medical strain high in CBD, which has shown great potential in treating severe seizures and other epilepsy. It is also popular for its low THC content which barely surpasses 7%. It was initially developed by Spanish seed bank Resin Seeds and is a hybrid blend of MK Ultra, an indica, and the legendary G-13 Haze, an indica-dominant hybrid. The focus in creating this strain was to develop a strain that was mostly medicinal by keeping the THC content low. The high, such as it is, is relaxed and uplifting with both mental and physical qualities. As one of the premier medical strains, Cannatonic is often used to treat pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, migraines, and mood disorders. This strain provides a deep feeling of relaxation with uplifting cerebral effects.

The aroma of Cannatonic is unique, starting out earthy and full-bodied, as it melts into hints of citrus. The flavor of the Cannatonic plant is pleasurable with smooth smoke that easily descends down the throat. The buds are beautiful with greenish-yellow hues and bright orange pistils curling and blending amongst the tasty sugar leaves.

Cannatonic High CBD cannabis strain

Terpene Profile

The terpenes found in Cannatonic give it its characteristic aroma which is earthy and full-bodied, with hints of citrus. 


Myrcene is the most abundant terpene is most cannabis strains  It has a pungent earthy scent that has also been described as skunk-like. It is popular for its inflammatory effects that may help in relieving inflammatory conditions such as eczema or arthritis. It is also useful in inducing sleep. 


Limonene has the smell of lemons and you expect to find this terpene in most citrus fruits. It is a popular mood enhancer which is ideal for reducing stress and symptoms of depression. It also offers anti fungal and anti bacterial properties.


Caryophyllene gives off a spicy scent with peppery notes. Expect to find this terpene in spices such as oregano, basil and rosemary. It is the only terpene that binds to cannabinoid receptors making it a potent analgesic and anxiolytic agent. 


Linalool this terpene smells of lavenders. It offers a lot of therapeutic benefits which includes analgesic, antidepressant, anti-epileptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic, anxiolytic and sedative effects.

Alpha Humulene

This terpene is present also in hops and has a woody smell. It is speculated that this terp has anti proliferative potential.

Alpha Pinene

This terpene smells of pine trees. It is a bronchodilator and may help in relieving symptoms of asthma. It also helps in increasing memory and retention capacity.


This terpene smells of lilacs and mint. It causes deep relaxation and may even promote the couch lock effect when present in high amounts.

What Consumers are Saying:

Cannatonic is also very mentally calming and focus inducing. 

The Positives

  • Uplifting
  • Pain Relieving
  • Relaxing

Potential Medical Benefits

Below are a list of conditions that Cannatonic may be helpful in managing. We have selected these conditions based upon two sources: reviews from consumers who report using the strain to manage these symptoms, and/or substantial scientific evidence suggesting that its dominant terpenes may help manage the conditions listed below.

The Negatives

Some users reported dry mouth, dry eyes.

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