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Skywalker Haze

Skywalker Haze – If you’re like me and you have the attention span of a gnat, here’s the gist of Skywalker Haze:

Lineage: (Blueberry x Mazar) x Amsterdam Amnesia by Dutch Passion

Classification: Sativa-dominant hybrid 

Potency: 20-25% THC 

Top Terps: b-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene

Scent/flavor: Earthy, citrusy, spicy 

Effects: Uplifted, energetic, happy

Uses: Stress, depression, fatigue

Side effects: Cottonmouth, dry eyes, paranoia

Overall rating: 4.5/5, only because it can be a little tricky to track down.

Picture this: a hazy evening, a comfortable couch, and a bag of weed that promises to take you to a galaxy far, far away. Yep, I’m talking about Skywalker Haze. There’s a whole squadron of Star Wars-themed strains out there, including Skywalker OG, Death Star, and Yoda OG, though. It’s like a Jedi council of weed, and they all share a bit of DNA with OG Kush.

Now, don’t worry; this isn’t a lecture on galactic genetics. This is your backstage pass to the Skywalker Haze experience. Today, it’s all about that Skywalker charm and the hazy ride it promises. So, grab your favorite Wookiee-sized snack, and let’s dive into a strain that’s more uplifting than finding out you’ve got the high ground.

The Essentials

As I mentioned, Skywalker Haze is a lot like the other Star Wars strains in the sense that they all have that ripe kushy funk since they all stem from OG Kush somewhere down the line. This strain is a cross between Blueberry and Mazar, better known as Skywalker OG. A few years back, Dutch Passion took Skywalker OG and paired it with a super resinous phenotype of Amnesia, dubbed Amsterdam Amnesia, and the final result was Skywalker Haze.

This strain is so popular that you can still buy seeds directly from Dutch Passion. It’s a multi-award winning strain that dumps trichomes and usually checks in around 20-25% THC. Its funky, citrus-tinged aroma comes from a hefty helping of b-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene terps, which contribute to its sativa-leaning effects.

While Skywalker OG is a heavy hitter, Amnesia will put a rocket up your ass. Genetically speaking, it should be somewhere in the middle, but all of that Limonene adds a lot of energy to your sesh and a hazy headspace that probably would’ve helped Skywalker himself keep his cool during all those lightsaber battles.

Skywalker Haze Strain Review


I had the privilege of touring the grow at the dispensary I sourced this bag from. After chatting with the grower for a minute, he explained that this strain was more of a passion project in this particular garden. Skywalker Haze is on the leafier side as it grows, so it doesn’t yield a ton. But what it does yield is a sight to behold.

Dark purple water leaves make a sharp contrast to the thick trichome blanket that envelops these flowers like the glistening snowdrifts on Hoth. Individual nugs are so trichome coated they almost look white. Underneath that coating is a compact, light green flower with bright electric orange pistils.


Skywalker Haze doesn’t hold back in the aroma department—just like a lightsaber’s hum, the fragrance coming from this bag is intense and spicy. I first noticed a blend of citrus and berries with a really intense, funky herbal essence beneath it. Grinding it up unleashes those earthy scents along with some zesty lemony terps.


As for the taste, I was impressed by how citrus-forward Skywalker Haze is, considering the aroma is so funky. As I exhaled, the citrusy symphony took a sharp turn, evolving into a more spicy and hazy flavor, like the unexpected twists in a Jedi’s journey. The final aftertaste is kushy funk forward, with blueberry and sharp sour citrus notes.


Full disclosure, I’m high as I’m writing this—and boy, does it linger. This high, a finely tuned duet between a heady soar and a grounding body buzz, is akin to a starship navigating the cosmos—one that boasts a head rush that could rival the Millennium Falcon’s speed. The euphoria it delivers mirrors the spirited essence of rebel fighters amid a daring mission. And with this bag’s THC level soaring at 24%, you’re strapping in for a high that’s as bold as a gambit against the Empire. I find it to be a really uplifting, focused, and creative high that’s got me giggling at every dumb Star Wars pun I’ve made here.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. While it gives you that strong mental lift, it mellows into a tranquil serenity after a while, leaving you feeling a peaceful mental haze and some deep-seated physical relief. Like a Jedi finding solace in meditation after a day’s battle, the afterglow is relaxing yet distinct—a testament to its versatile nature, appealing to both seekers of relief and those chasing cosmic experiences.

The Skywalker Haze high can stretch for light-years, perfect for a day of unadulterated leisure, offering a Sunday chill that rivals the Ewoks’ famous celebrations. Whether you’re on a galactic quest or simply indulging in the magic of a day off, Skywalker Haze proves to be a trusty co-pilot, guiding you through an adventure of sensations that’s truly out of this world. I’d highly recommend it when you’re feeling stressed, physically fatigued, or downright blue.

Where to find it

This bag was a nightmare to track down; I’m not gonna lie. Most dispensaries carry some version of Skywalker or other, but finding Skywalker Haze specifically was a bit challenging. I ended up tracking it down a town over, and to me, it was more than worth the drive. You can use weed finder apps to help you find some closer to where you live.

The Recap

And that’s it, folks. Skywalker Haze shines as a prominent strain in the galaxy of cannabis, boasting a diverse terpene profile that harmonizes fruity notes, from citrus to berries. With an energetic and euphoric high that gradually mellows into a relaxing afterglow, courtesy of its Indica genes, this Sativa-dominant hybrid offers a taste explosion and a journey through highs perfect for cosmic relaxation.

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