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“Cookies” Is the Latest Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Missouri

Cookies, one of the most high-profile cannabis companies in the world, has recently partnered with 3Fifteen Primo in the opening of a new Cookies Dispensary in Missouri. The state-of-the-art dispensary celebrated its Grand Opening at 11088 New Halls Ferry Road, St. Louis on July 16th.

All registered attendees enjoyed a day of giveaways, food, and live music, as prize giveaways. Fifteen lucky customers are eligible for an exclusive event with Cookies cofounder “Berner” on August 6th.

Who baked Cookies?

Berner (Gilbert Athony Milam, Jr) is a trailblazing cannabis advocate and the CEO and Co-Founder of Cookies. He is also a chart-topping rap artist with 46 albums to his credit, as well as a cultural ambassador and documentary filmmaker.

Berner has firmly established himself as one of the most prominent influencers in the cannabis industry. Cookies isn’t the only cannabis company founded or co-founded by Berner. He has also been instrumental in kickstarting and implementing Weedmaps, Lemonade, Cookies SF, Hemp2o Water, Vibes, Santa Cruz, and Shredders. He also founded Bern One Entertainment music label and Social Club.

Berner sells the Cookies, but does the baking — er, growing? 

Cookies is highly regarded for its top-shelf cannabis and for introducing game-changing strains to the industry. The green genius behind these innovations is called “the cannabis whisperer” by the industry’s inner circles, but is more commonly known as “Jai.” 

This brilliant cultivator and Cookies co-founder remains a mystery, but his expertise gave us beloved marijuana strains such as Cherry Pie, Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato, Biscotti and Sunset Sherbet. Jai, who hails from San Francisco, has spent most of his life learning everything there is to know about cultivating top-quality cannabis, and was growing his own crop while still in his teens.

Another important member of the extended team, Jason Corrado, Co-founder and CEO of 3Fifteen Primo Cannabis was excited to make the initial announcement. 

 “We feel honored and excited to be the first cannabis company in Missouri to bring the iconic Cookies brand retail store to our patients here in the show me state. Cookies was born in California, has grown international, and today boasts a huge brand following, due to their innovative products and proprietary strain genetics library. We look forward to supporting this thriving community by bringing this well-respected and top-selling cannabis brand to Missouri.”

The new facility will offer a staggering selection of both THC and CBD items as well as an array of safe, effective delivery methods for their high-end products. Special strains, exclusive to Cookies Dispensaries will also be available, including Collins Ave. Runtz, Minntz, Lemonade and many more.

Cookies Dispensary

Where to find Cookies

Cookies is located at 11088 New Halls Ferry Road, St. Louis. The Cookies franchise also serves patients in Las Vegas, Portland, DetroitDenver, and Oklahoma.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Cookies is one of the most recognizable cannabis companies in the world. Its inaugural retail store opened its doors in 2018 in Los Angeles. The ensuing years saw the opening of 45 locations in 17 markets across 5 countries. AdAge named Cookies one of America’s Hottest Brands of 2021, making it the first cannabis brand to receive this honor.

The company has achieved global success by placing value on the power of the plant and focusing on innovative scientific data and ever-evolving genetics. Cookies offers over 70 proprietary cannabis cultivars and more than 2,000 products. 

Moreover, this progressive company is rigorously committed to social justice. They actively strive to eradicate social inequity via advocacy and initiatives, to enrich marginalized communities disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs. If you want to know more about Cookies and their social justice initiatives check out this page.

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