CeresMed Cannabis Dispensary In Burlington - Temporarily Closed

1 Steele St # 124
Burlington, VT 05401

Temporarily Closed


Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site

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CeresMed Cannabis Dispensary located at 1 Steele St  # 124 in Burlington is open to help patients get access and shop for medical marijuana products.

CeresMed Cannabis Dispensary menu products are available for Vermont MMJ Patients diagnosed that received an Vermont MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor which can now be done online.

CeresMed Cannabis Dispensary In Burlington

What People Are Saying

Vermont Hemp P.
Vermont Hemp P.
04:58 21 Nov 21
Shayne Lynn has no shame in his game of dupping Vermonters in his $25 million dollar fraud "non profit" legal cannabis... operation. Chad/ Brad SLANG and "Shayne" now take the reigns steering legal cannabis off the cliff into the abyss which is the race to the bottom on quality and price for commercial cannabis. Thankss Vermont for shuttering the doors to the real economic force which is the black market...read more
Scott “.
Scott “.
18:31 14 Jun 21
Product is below the quality I would expect. The menu was limited as well. Also got seeds in my purchase and... definitely did not want them, they gave me a slight discount as a result. , I wouldn't have purchased if I knew.....one good thing is one time I got a good productread more
Chad D.
Chad D.
23:31 23 Jul 20
I want to first start off by saying the Burlington location is Closed down for now (why I don’t know sorry)The... Dispensary that is open is in South Burlington.The service is great. You place your order on your phone then you will get a text letting you know how much it is and when to show up buy. You have to pay the exact amount. You pull in they come to your car they ask for your med card they look at it then they say give me a second to go get it they come back out you drop your money in there bag and they hand you the nice little bag of goodies.I only ask that you like my comment if it helped you Thanks againread more
19:36 13 Mar 20
A little expensive but great staff nice office space
Phil M.
Phil M.
02:50 04 Feb 20
Thanks to the dispensary I now have aphids in my grow room. Real Cannabis aphids brought in on a clone. Do not use... their clones!! They know they have them and still sell clones. That's really foul.read more
Dave G.
Dave G.
00:15 23 Nov 19
Medical cards onky. Weak
Haylee G.
Haylee G.
02:40 11 Mar 19
This dispensary is a joke don't buy any clones unless you want to grow white patchy mold the molds vascular and can't... be rid from plants but they continue too cut clones off the infected plants and selling them to people that are suppose to be getting relief from the medicine instead they are selling biological fungal weapons that infect clones then your whole garden and when u smoke it the mold spores cause pulmonary vascular infections in the lungs. Thank God I noticed week after I brought am home I only lost 75 dollars for clones from this joke of a dispensary if you don't believe me how did I get an exodus cheese clone and they never put on the menu because obviously the mothers were infected and the couldn't keep cutting clones when it gets to a certain point just ridiculous suppose to be a health clinic but more on the lines of a normal screw you over business beware don't say I didn't warn youread more
Andrew Y.
Andrew Y.
17:14 03 Nov 18
Super nice facility (S.Burlington) staff is really professional and on point. Prices match what you see on the street.... People that complain of the cost. Obviously have no prior history with cannabis. It's what any regular medical patient should expect. But for Vermont the place is pretty top notch.read more
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