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591 E Idaho Ave
Ontario, OR 97914

Website: Weedology

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Open Everyday
7:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.


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Weedology Oregon Idaho

Weedology near Idaho, is a locally owned and operated recreational cannabis dispensary in Ontario, Oregon. They take pride in offering the highest quality THC and CBD products to the highest quality people. Wedology is always striving to create a comfortable and safe atmosphere for their customers and are always ready and willing to answer any questions from the community.

Brian Z
Brian Z
18:40 27 May 20
This is the best dispensary I have ever been to. The staff is likeable and helpful. The prices are good and the products are top notch. I wouldn’t shop anywhere else. It’s the most conveniently located off of the Ontario exit. They rarely have a wait time. It’s a quick in and out.read more
Kimberly Schmillen
Kimberly S.
05:39 27 May 20
You have helped my mom tremendously. Not knowing what to purchase for her severe back pain, I found the staff very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. The store is well run. It’s a very positive, clean and comfortable shop. Very Impressed.read more
McKenna Wofford
McKenna W.
10:38 13 May 20
Sofia & Daniel are my favorite. They’ve helped me on a few different occasions & have been nothing but helpful & extremely friendly. They know what they’re doing. They definitely deserve a pay raise if they haven’t gotten one already. 😎😊read more
Hiking With Winston
Hiking With W.
19:51 26 Apr 20
Have been there multiple times and each time had a new issue with the experience, make sure to always keep your receipt! Without it they are zero help and have messed up my orders a few times. I understand the amount of business they pull in is insane but how is it my order gets messed up almost every time?read more
Jenna Narducci
Jenna N.
04:52 24 Apr 20
I ordered online so I could do curbside pickup. This service is advertised on the website but they were not offering it when I arrived. Customer service was great and they obviously tried to make it easy to socially distance in store. However, groups of customers crowded the line and the online orders line ended up being the slowest moving line. I would appreciate if they figure out curbside pickup so I can continue supporting their business in the safest way possible during these strange times.read more
kriss nels
kriss N.
01:56 18 Apr 20
Make sure to keep every receipt for anything you buy from here!! If you don’t have the receipt and you have a problem with the product/order they will not help you in any way, shape, or form. They are unwilling to work with you or let you talk to a manager about the problem. Would not recommend if you want good customer service. I would give this a 0 star review.read more
Phelan Kell
Phelan K.
21:09 15 Apr 20
Just got out of here, and the crowds aren’t a problem. Can’t say the same over your front door guy though. Harping on anyone in the lobby that dares look at their phone while signs everywhere state no phones on sales floor. But then he tops it off by ushering in a customer, his dog, and his infant child into the sales floor. Had to listen to floor staff explain common sense to him. Just….wowread more
darius rementeria
darius R.
01:14 10 Apr 20
My wife was having an off day. I know absolutely zero about anything. I told Brittney, McShane, and Sarah that I was making her a little care package to brighten her day. They kept it under my budget and they pitched in a t-shirt. My wife was thrilled. The people who own Weedology should be proud of their staff. I have been in customer service for 20+ years and I have never seen such a high level of customer service in my life. BRAVO!read more
Cal M
Cal M
03:51 30 Mar 20
Great prices, great deals. Super friendly staff. Very educational. High quality products. All around my favorite dispensary. I refer people to them all the time. Totally worth the 2hr dr.read more
The Queen
The Q.
16:14 12 Mar 20
Wait wasnt bad. Drove awhile to get there and me and my friend got shorted. Staff was super friendly but my ounce was only 17 grams and my friends half ounce was only 9 grams. Called many times no answer, left a voicemail no call back. I wont go back!read more
Tj Novak
Tj N.
15:17 28 Jan 20
These people are twice the price you will find ANYWHERE else. Even for the same EXACT strain! Most of the stuff I have gotten for a half decent price was very dried and harsh. If you want better deals and better marijuana, all you have to do is go down the street to Hotbox Farms or even Burnt River! Both are half the price and 100% better experience.read more
02:34 18 Jan 20
Every time I have gone here I have had wonderful experiences!! From short wait times, to friendly and knowledgeable staff, to excellent products and a pretty good size variety too. I have never left here disappointed and would highly recommend this place to anybody looking to go to a dispensary 👍🏼read more
Pam Farley
Pam F.
22:39 08 Jan 20
I arrived during lunch hour the parking lot was full. I went and got my numberand it was a very short wait and I was inI was very happy to see Daniel was working and asked if I could wait for him. Daniel was very nice and made me feel like a valued customer. He took time and listened to what I needed. Everyone was nice and friendly but I will wait for Daniel again.read more
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar L.
19:35 30 Dec 19
Good business owned by good people. They sell innovative products, and boast knowledgeable staff. No point system would be my only complaint.read more
Toby St.Clair
Toby S.
22:24 28 Dec 19
Great quality, variety and price! The tenders are very knowledgeable and eager to educate. You can be a beginner or a “pro” and you will walk out with a proper respect for these folks. Highly recommended. Thank you Weedology for doing what you do. Appreciated.read more
Lisa Fitzgerald
Lisa F.
20:58 23 Dec 19
I happy with their medium grade and price. It certainly does the trick. And if I want to splurge, I can do that too. Very friendly sales staff. ♥️read more
Nicholas Carter
Nicholas C.
11:34 16 Dec 19
This place is pretty great. Ordering online makes things really simple and fast. 9 out of 10 times I get in and out in 10 minutes or less. Peak hours are definitely busy and you will wait for quite some time but that’s typical.read more
juana Sanchez
juana S.
19:59 29 Nov 19
First time and like any other place like this there is a wait but it’s thanksgiving weekend! The employees and Chase R were extremely helpful answered my questions. I recommend this place based off its hospitality and kindness.read more
Andrea Howard
Andrea H.
13:14 28 Nov 19
Our sales rep was so wonderful. Everyone there looked like they enjoy what they do and are more than happy to help with what you need. Organized and clean and busy! This place had a steady flow of customers and continued to stay steady for the hour we were there. But we never got interrupted and our sales rep was patient and genuine.read more
Swade Featherston
Swade F.
02:32 24 Nov 19
Weedology is awesome!!! Sofia is literally the best bud tender I’ve ever had! Extremely knowledgeable and polite! Plus all the other people are super nice they have a great selection! My number one pot shop!read more
Niki Ann
Niki A.
00:49 24 Nov 19
NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH THIS STORE.Online ordering is the best. You check in at store and go back to back room almost immediately. They ALWAYS pull out the bag and open it, they open the individual jars to show you exactly what you are getting. NEVER disappointed when I go to this place.Professional and friendly and knowledgeable staff.read more
Glo Isabel
Glo I.
17:39 10 Nov 19
I love Weedology and their crew always so welcoming great bud tenders. Diego. Sergio Kendall y’all are killing it at your job thanks for such a great experience that I’ve become a regular. 🙂 you guys rock!read more
Gina M
Gina M
17:23 05 Nov 19
Really like this place. People are friendly and knowledgeable. Love seeing what is new in edibles. Great that you can order online, pickup and save 10%.read more
23:55 02 Nov 19
SOFIA was incredibly helpful and recommended a lotion that we ended up buying. So kind and knowledgeable. Thank you so much SOFIA!read more
melissa johnson
melissa J.
02:30 01 Nov 19
Love this place. Staff is always friendly and happy to take their time . Today I was very undecided and took a little longer, I felt bad I never take as long as I did today ( bout 15 minutes 😬) and to top it off they were giving away gifts today 😁 pretty awesome gifts, thanks to the staff at Weedology for always being helpful and always being awesome, thanks for always having affordable prices for all and the deals are great. Weedology is just all around awesome 😁read more
Jessica Landman
Jessica L.
21:16 25 Oct 19
Best vape pens in town hands down. I have very sensitive lungs and the brands they have are high quality and cause no issues for me!!! Thanks for putting in the work to bring us quality products 🙏read more
Robb Tijerina
Robb T.
19:48 25 Oct 19
It’s a bit of a wait sometimes. If you go during the day when everyone is at work, then you can get thru pretty quickly. I don’t like the fact that you still have to wait after they call your name. But nonetheless the buds, concentrates are decently priced, you get what you pay for.read more
Monie  Flook
Monie Flook
18:04 22 Oct 19
CLEAN, AIR CONDITIONED, LOBBY & back store. Bathrooms for customers, too. No outside porta-potty. Extraordinary service from the nicest people around. WILL go again. 10-21-19, went again to address a defective pen. They made it right and stood behind their word. Made some more purchases & will be back again. Once again, second to none service, absolutely outstanding. Understanding & caring staff. Plenty of parking! Easy entrance & exit.read more
Kate Vogel
Kate V.
23:02 16 Oct 19
I visited this dispensary for the second time yesterday, hoping to see improvements since my first visit when they opened. There is definite improvement in product quality and selection, and also the bud tenders are more knowledgeable and organized. The prices are still high, but the quality of the products is catching up to the prices. I ordered online, and had zero wait time. I spent about 5 minutes there and was very pleased with the experience and the products I received. Overall, there is definite improvement in this dispensary. I will be back.Update 10-16-19: I have returned twice to this dispensary. Both times I was given “top shelf” bud that I would classify more as “dirt weed”. It was marked 30% but it behaved more like 7%. Budtenders were irritated that I wanted to check my order before I left. I am absolutely finished with this sorry dispensary and its pathetic flower. The good news? Hotbox is open in Ontario.read more
Kyle Lewis
Kyle L.
10:01 14 Oct 19
Only reason I didn’t give them 5 stars is their pricing. They seem to be way higher than the other dispensaries in Ontario. The flower is good, but it’s also good at the other locations for a much lower price. I’d go to Hot Box or Burnt River Farms before Weedology just to save myself the extra bucks.read more
Celina Turner
Celina T.
08:06 06 Oct 19
I love Weedology. Marilee was such an awesome budtender. She knew exactly what to recommend and even helped us when we were a dollar short on a product she suggested. She was so kind and knowledgeable. This dispensary is always so well kept, friendly, and quick. Highly suggest coming here after so many wonderful experiences!read more
Gwenn H
Gwenn H
19:28 26 Sep 19
Wow.. much different than Huntington but still right up there in their service and quality. I love Huntington as it holds a special place. That being said, I found Weedoligy quick, convenient, very clean and organized. I love the convenience of getting my product(s) online for order. Sometimes we change our mind and decide additional items once there.. that, can be a bit of a direction shift since they have the one line selectively for online order’s.read more
Tara Heath
Tara H.
20:53 23 Sep 19
Was really excited to visit as this is pretty close to where I live. We was greeted pleasantly in the lobby but that’s pretty much where the pleasantries ended (except for her nice goodbye when we left). The bud tender at the counter was absolutely useless. How is this his job and he doesn’t know anything about different strains?? I’d rather use an iPod and scroll through different bud than have a useless human behind the counter trying to “help”. You have one job… how hard is it to figure out what different strains do and how they make you feel? Again, would rather just ditch the face to face if there is no help from them anyway. Clean and beautiful environment though. Love the shop. Bud tenders need WAY more training.read more
Jacob Pape
Jacob P.
10:05 20 Sep 19
Really professional and organized. There was a steady flow of people coming in the whole time I was there. While there was not a line or extreme wait times I see how it could easily happen. The one piece of advice I can give is to place your order online first, then go in and pick it up. That way it will be ready for you, and will save you some time.read more
Lorna Kiddoo
Lorna K.
11:57 14 Sep 19
I visited this dispensary for the second time yesterday, hoping to see improvements since my first visit when they opened. There is definite improvement in product quality and selection, and also the bud tenders are more knowledgeable and organized. The prices are still high, but the quality of the products is catching up to the prices. I ordered online, and had zero wait time. I spent about 5 minutes there and was very pleased with the experience and the products I received. Overall, there is definite improvement in this dispensary. I will be back.read more
13:36 31 Aug 19
We are in Idaho and have been driving to Pendelton to buy, due to some shady experiences at Huntington. Our experience in Weedology renewed our faith that you can sell weed in mass quantity, maintain strong quality control, offer excellent products and have nice employees. I am SO happy to have a close dispensary, that is run like it is in stiff competition. Even though there is no competition for hundreds of miles. Please keep up the great work! You are appreciated!read more
John Hickman
John H.
01:53 31 Aug 19
Being from Idaho,this was my first experience at a dispensary. I was blown away by how cool everyone was, and they were patient with my starry-eyed wonder as I got 1 of everything. I will be happy to drop the shady dirt dealer I’ve been using for the past 25 years, and will be a regular customer. Love this placeread more
james malikijuda006@msn.com
james M.
01:50 29 Aug 19
I decided to give the place three stars because they have decent product and a good variety but the person I talked to didn’t make me feel welcome at all and I think she was allergic to smiling or something. Then I asked a couple of questions about the flower and the answer was so vague that I had a better chance of asking a magic eight ball. I will definitely give them another chance but the deadpan customer service was why I gave it 1 star the first time.read more
Lisa Black
Lisa B.
05:08 14 Aug 19
wonderful place, all the staff was awesome and friendly. Wait time was long but worth it!!I had a friend recommend going and told me I needed to wait for Chase, he was by far the best Ever. I waited an extra 20 min. for him and so glad I did. Chase was friendly, funny, extremely knowledgeable , helpful and so worth the extra wait. Thank you all, I’ll be back. Oh and a bonus I won a tank😀read more
Greg Harris
Greg H.
16:24 13 Aug 19
I went to Weedology for the first time 4 days ago and was blown away. GREAT selection and AMAZING service. My budtender was CHASE and he was pleasant and extremely knowledgeable! He answered all my questions and educated me on their outstanding products. I had a great experience!!!read more
Christina Price
Christina P.
18:21 11 Aug 19
Clean, fast service! Kinda spendy though! Will get you what you want! Awesome place for sure!! Strawberry Cough…
astryd savage
astryd S.
05:35 10 Aug 19
very nice dispensary, very good prices and the set up is really cool in the showroom. it was super busy but they got people thru fast. the bud tender was very knowledgeable and recommended an awesome quality flower that wasn’t on the menu for some reason. also, a lot of variety! their hours are pretty great too!read more
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