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The Botanist

4302 13th Ave S #19
Fargo, ND 58103

Hours of Operation

Wed – Fri: 10:00a – 7:00p
Sat – Sun 12:00a – 6:00p


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*If you have received your ND card, please forward us the doctors info so you can help other's in need.

The Botanist in Fargo, ND is a medical marijuana dispensary open to service ND Medcard Patients.

Donovan Kling
Donovan K.
18:21 01 Apr 20
I’ve had only good, comfortable, positive experiences while visiting the botanist in Fargo ND…. the staff, well most of the staff, is awesome and extremely knowledgeable and patient with people like me with anxiety and my depression cuz I get a little shy but nothing but love for this place…. prices on some things look steep but the quality and consistency is worth it 🙂read more
Jeremy Robinson
Jeremy R.
18:56 24 Mar 20
Had to go edit my review since the quality and standards have dropped tremendously… Having the same 4 strains of medication or almost a month and no info about when they’ll be getting more, make it really difficult for people to get the medicine they need! The staff are very friendly, but, without product it is severely lacking…read more
Derek W
Derek W
18:50 23 Nov 19
Always a Great time seeing everyone down @ the Bot Shop
Helen Peterson
Helen P.
20:12 17 Nov 19
The staff here is totally awesome! Mariah is my favorite, she remembers me and what strains have worked and is just an overall great human! Great job on the cleanliness and atmosphere also!read more
Melissa Burnham
Melissa B.
19:07 11 Nov 19
Great workers they are so nice! Sadly… They have HORRIBLE Prices so sad that 1/2 a gram of wax costs $46 here in ND, while a full gram only costs $25 and the quality is better in Arizona. What a rippoff, it feels like the government just can’t scew us hard enough!!!read more
S. B.
S. B.
17:55 08 Nov 19
My favorite place in Fargo hands down! Great people awesome service 😃
Mike O'Connell
Mike O.
19:54 24 Oct 19
My favorite store in town hands down! Amazing staff, Friendly culture, awesome products!!! If you have any questions they have the answers and are more than helpful at getting what you need. A true gem! 17 a gram price start. Don’t believe all the bad press and nay sayers about being over priced and too expensive. Its fairly priced for what you’re getting! Clean, beautiful, exact weight and a great selection yo choose more
Chris Belcastro
Chris B.
13:22 13 Oct 19
I’ve been medical in 3 different states now. I am impressed with the way the shop is set up here, very safe and secure for patients and staff both. The product is top quality, and the prices are fair for shop prices. I will be going here again….Frequentlyread more
Derek Jipson
Derek J.
21:50 11 Oct 19
Whole staff super knowledgeable and ready to help or explain. Especially the manager! She does a great job and out and ready to help whenever she can!read more
Nikki Skoog
Nikki S.
00:33 16 Aug 19
Best place to purchase your medical marijuana if you have a legal card and prescription.
Jacob Clemens
Jacob C.
13:25 11 Aug 19
Elijah is very knowledgeable about what I want and also remembers what I like and very friendly
Kelly Bruce
Kelly B.
21:31 11 Jul 19
The staff here are the best! They helped walk me through all the product offerings with so much knowledge and patience. I will definitely be coming back more
Just Rosy
Just R.
21:44 09 Jul 19
I’m always leary of pre-weighs. You can’t see what is inside, you can’t examine the trichomes, and you always wonder if they truly gave you what you paid for if you don’t see them weigh it. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I weighed all my product after getting home, and found that, not only was it as much as I paid for, but every bottle was over weight! Wasn’t a lot, but it wasn’t short, either! Kudos to the supplier. As expensive as it is, I’ll take every bit I can get!read more
Papa's Wishes
Papa’s W.
07:55 20 Apr 19
Pleasant experience. I was a little surprised by the knowledge of the young lady who was helping me. I am a older guy who has a tremendous amount of experience with cannabis. This was my first trip, I will be very happy when they get their location here open tho. It is very inconvenient to drive to Fargo. I happen to like the oils. However, the preroll I picked up on was not impressive at all. The smell was there, but not flavor. I was fortunate enough to experience the ground floor of this in California, and Denver. Prices for oils are a little bit higher than black market. I would like to see them carry 100 cartridges, 50s do the job, but the 100s are more convenient. I am aware that the Botanist is just getting going here in North Dakota, but I think that they are killing themselves only having the one store open. I could save money, and go black market , but hey it’s great to be legal. Keep up the great work, I will be back!read more
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