Native Roots – Dillon

Native Roots Dispensary

850 Little Beaver Trail
Dillon, CO 80435
Adult Use Only

Native Roots, located in Dillon at 850 Little Beaver Trail carries a selection of THC and CBD dispensary menu products to help customers get the relief they deserve. All regulated cannabis products sold at this open dispensary must have received a Certificate of Analysis issued by independent 3rd party labs licensed by the state.

Since recreational marijuana is legal for all adults, whether resident or visitor in Colorado, you do not need a marijuana card to shop at Native Roots. Being said, there are some advantages to getting your medical card.

  • Medical Patients receive priority and in many cases can “skip” the line.
  • Prices for Colorado MedCard Holders are far lower than for Adult Use consumers.
  • In states with MedCard Reciprocity, card carrying patients can shop at dispensaries while visiting.

To get your medical card in Dillon, you must first visit with a qualified MMJ doctor online to get certified.

Marijuana Strains

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