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309 Seneca St
Hot Springs, AR 71901

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Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm

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Kelly Williams
Kelly W.
20:56 26 May 20
Best place ever. All of the employees are very nice and patient. Will answer any questions you have
Nikki Bernice
Nikki B.
21:27 21 May 20
So I live about 2 and a half hours away and make the trip occasionally. I have tried dealing with a few different people but Austin is my favorite. He takes his time answers questions and helps with whatever I may need. Thank you so much for your patience and smile. They brighten my more
Krazo Stevo
Krazo S.
18:25 13 May 20
All round great and professional service. When busy, line moves so smoothly and quickly.
Phillip Lawhon
Phillip L.
03:21 12 May 20
Hats off to Autumn and Jarred! Suffer from severe anxiety and they made me feel like I knew them all my life. Helped me with my selection and were SPOT ON with what I needed. Thanks again and I will be requesting you both next visit!read more
Chuck Thompson
Chuck T.
13:53 07 May 20
Great business. One problem. As a licensed HVAC technician. The Lazer temperature checker the guy is using at the door is the same I use daily. Inexperienced people can easily hit your eye ball and cause blindness in one shot !!!This is insane behavior. Please stop before you get liability lawsuit’s. Just FYI. Thanksread more
Clinton Brown
Clinton B.
00:36 03 May 20
Great and friendly staff. Very helpful as well. Staff acts as they actually care instead of just making $$$
Zombie slayers
Zombie S.
13:44 25 Feb 20
Best dispensary in Arkansas. Good prices, always deals going on. Knowledgeable and friendly staff.
Richard Morris
Richard M.
09:06 18 Feb 20
Always friendly from start to finish, and easy enough to find. Lots of parking space including multiple handicap spots.The wait isn’t long, if at all. Chairs aren’t the greatest if you have a hard time sitting, like back, hip, or leg pain. One of the chairs inside the medicine area acts like a three legged chair. Surprised me the first time getting out of it, glad I had a good grip on my cane that time lol. I avoid that chair 👀First time I visited was about three months after they opened. I waited for supply and hype to level out. It was fairly easy, maybe 25 minutes as a new customer. Options weren’t the greatest but it was to be expected. Prices were high but likewise it was expected.Second time was a month later and they had a lot more to pick from. I was in and out in five minutes. Menu went from 7 items the previous visit to about 17 this visit.Third time was about 2 months later and the menu was finally getting interesting. Prices were coming down a little and the flow (while still more like controlled chaos) inside the medicine room started to smooth out. After that the menu just keeps getting bigger, with some off menu items if you know what to ask for and qualify (reserved for high needs patients).Price points are much better now and worth checking out. I’ve had zero issues my last few visits getting exactly what I intended to purchase.Finally, kudos to the various staff members that have helped me. They really helped with giving suggestions to narrow down what works for me. – RMread more
Brad Hines
Brad H.
15:41 03 Jan 20
Staff are extremely educated on what products you need for specific problems!Like insomnia, Arthritis etc.. prices are great when compared to quality of products. Staff are very friendly and patient!They always go the extra mile with a smile with me.I feel safe and it’s a fun atmosphere!I have been around! They have the best selection and quality in the State!read more
B . M . N
B . M . N
16:04 27 Dec 19
Friendly, understanding, knowledgeable, patient, always quick but never make you feel rushed. By far the best selection(without question), best prices in the state(without question), and price match on top of that. The choice is an easy one. Green Springs ALL DAY ERRDAYread more
Chris Staton
Chris S.
20:57 17 Dec 19
Man these folks are the real deal, they always take care of me. Highly recommend their product and prices. They are some of the best more
Lilbern Doss
Lilbern D.
17:18 17 Dec 19
Delta Foxtrot
Delta F.
01:18 24 Nov 19
Great place. From the entrance to the exit good experience. They have a spectacular assortment of products. Very knowledgeable staff and super deals. Don’t miss out. And stay liftedread more
Lizzie 1989
Lizzie 1.
15:40 16 Nov 19
As a first time customer the experience was good. When you first walk in though there is a thickness of seriousness. Nobody is rude, everyone was very kind helping. Once you get to the bud tenders, it’s a completely different atmosphere. Everyone was joking around, just being happy and cheerful. NOT saying people in the front aren’t. They are very kind and helpful. All and all it was a good experience, and I would go again. Quality of product is very good as well. Not just saying it either. It’s more
21:37 08 Nov 19
I’m a medical marijuana patient and you have to be one as well to enter this building. Great products. Great customer service, budtenders are knowledgeable. I always have good experiences here. Love coming more
17:14 20 Oct 19
Pleasant Experience. Greeted with smiles. Answered all questions. Described in detail the medicine n other products. They have prices that I could afford! Even had give away that day sample of hemp oil or CBD oil. I recommend this dispensary as your first stop and your more
11:21 09 Oct 19
This is the new medical marijuana store they are very nice folks and can help you with anything when your in need… Awesome folksread more
Julia Jones
Julia J.
14:39 02 Oct 19
By far my favorite one to go to. Very friendly workers and competitive pricing. Offers discounts for being disabled. They also have a very beautiful inside. They offer many answers to all your questions. Great quality and a rewards program. They even offer you a drink and snack on the way out of the door! I highly reccomend this place and send anyone I know here!!! Will continue to make the trip to more
Lisa Burchett
Lisa B.
05:04 02 Oct 19
Awesome. The employees go beyond their jobs. They truly help you find what right for your illnesses I’d recommend them to everyone Loved Itread more
hardcorextreme .
hardcorextreme .
18:10 16 Sep 19
Very professional and organized. This was one of the first dispensaries open in Arkansas and continues to lead in customer service and medicinal options. Definitely the place to go!read more
12:13 27 Aug 19
My first time coming here was a very pleasant experience, everybody was so kind and helpful and when I had trouble with the paperwork they helped me out and once I got into the actual dispensary part of it there was 4 friendly staff awaiting to serve and help me and the gentleman that I saw was very sweet and helpful and let me smell the product in the jar, I have been all across Northern California and I haven’t had anything as good as what I got here! Excellent staff, excellent service, and excellent product. It was well priced to boot! I definitely recommend going to this dispensary! Five stars!read more
Chris Pipkins
Chris P.
19:54 30 Jul 19
I’m lucky to live so close to this dispensary. Top notch in every way. Friendly, knowledgeable about the product, happy to answer more
Monica Bland
Monica B.
01:02 30 Jul 19
My experience with Green Springs was very pleasant. Can’t remember the guys name but I know it started with an A🤣 he was so helpful in explaining everything and answering all my questions. No long wait. The clerk at the front desk was so sweet. I just think she is an Angel. Don’t listen to the negative comments just check it out for more
Pat Miller
Pat M.
21:59 20 Jul 19
The place is very nice and clean. Looks very well organized and it is well stocked with medical marijuana. The people are kind and know what you need to help you. And there not pushy! The other dispensary in hot springs looks like you are entering a jail . And not as well stocked as Green Springs. I’m writing this for my best friend .But I attend to go there asap . I spoke to a lady on the phone and asked several questions and she was very nice to me and helpful they will be getting my filling my Rx this week. Thank you Green Springs for treating my bestie and I look forward to filling my Rx there too!read more
Shannon Patrick
Shannon P.
18:31 16 Jun 19
My experience was fantastic. Steve was very informative and helpful to suggest different flowers for multiple needs without feeling like he was pushing product. The facility and employees were put together and running really well. There is a process as to be expected, but it’s very basic and their method flows more
Hayley Harrell
Hayley H.
21:54 15 May 19
I had an amazing experience with everyone involved. The price is decent for the quality product and everything involved with growing it. You can’t go into a business expecting street prices considering tax they have low prices. Giants A7X38 all I can figure is your attitude got you attitude this place was incredible. They took the time to explain every strain and upcoming products. As an experienced smoker I was in awe of the knowledge of the employees as they helped me find the strain for my needs. Thank you for the great more
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