Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary in Mesa

1150 W McLellan Rd
Mesa, AZ 85201

Hours of Operation:

Mon | Tue | Wed | Thurs | Fri | Sat | Sun
8:00am – 10:00pm

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Trulieve located at 1150 W McLellan Rd Mesa, AZ 85201 is open to provide patients the highest quality cannabis based THC & CBD products including flower.

Trulieve dispensary menu products are available for Arizona MMJ Patients diagnosed that received a Medical Marijuana Card from a Certified MMJ Doctor.

Trulieve Cannabis Store In Mesa

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What People Are Saying

Elise Pittman
Elise Pittman
16:40 14 Aug 22
Very clean store with wonderful displays. The staff are super friendly. You can use your debit card. It was a BOGO day on my online order, I had no idea until when checking out the bud tender said its BOGO on these today so we put two in your order. What fabulous customer service that was!!!!
Caitlyn Betor
Caitlyn Betor
05:49 31 Jul 22
I had to get on here to write about my experience. It actually made my day. The staff was so helpful and nice! I am a new medcard patient and us veteran struggling with ptsd.They educated me on the strains that would help me. And the military discount they offer is very generous.It’s a longer drive, but well worth it.The staff is genuine and knowledgeable. My favorite dispensary by far! Keep up the awesome work! Thank you!
christian kerbo
christian kerbo
16:23 20 Jul 22
Arrived at 8:01 am to the staff waiting outside.Supervisor Claudia arrives, informs me the wait will be 20 more minutes.I'm sorry, what time do you open?Supervisor "child" was unapologetic about arriving late, seemed combative instead.At the register, Peter saved this trip for me. He was very sorry for the store opening so late and was very helpful.I'd give Peter five stars, he brought this review up from a one star, which is what the draft was when I first wrote it while waiting.I'd give the rest of the staff 5 stars, they are an amazing team that can open the store REALLY fast!Do better Claudia. If you're going to be in charge of a business, be professional.Be as good as the rest of your team.
Ed Jr
Ed Jr
18:10 17 Jul 22
I don't like how prices are going up on cartridges and flower it grows in the ground. In Phoenix the prices are way better and your not being ripped off. Plus gas and food going up and I understand that but there are no shortages on marijuana seeds. So what is going on!
Elyzza Beth
Elyzza Beth
22:11 29 Jun 22
The most friendliest staff here! Always smiling and always eager to help out! Very knowledgeable!!! Very diverse staff which makes the environment a calm, comfortable, and interesting one. But as i said, comfortable!! The product isnt too bad either 😜! Would recommend to anyone asking!!

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